Motivation for Health

It has been one month since my last blog on wellbeing, fitness, and striving for a healthy lifestyle.

Did I meet my two-pound loss goal? Yes, I did. In fact, I lost four pounds.

But it was only weight that I had gained over the previous two to three months. Months which were filled with lots of stress.

In order for my clothes to fit better, which is my ultimate goal, I need to up my steps.

So, how did I lose the four pounds? I reduced my sugar intake by staying away from too many favorite sweets. Notice, I did not limit myself entirely. I just did not over-indulge. I also tried my best to drink only water, or to at least limit my soda intake to half of what I normally drink. Since I cannot tolerate corn syrup, my go-to drink are Mexican cokes as they are made with cane sugar which is safe for me. I enjoy the treat and am trying to limit myself to one to two per week; one per day is too much.

And what is my current fitness plan? It definitely varies from day to day, depending on my energy level. But I hope to start power walking once hubs is on premises more permanently. I cannot power walk with my pup (and constant walking companion) as she loves to stop and sniff everything along the way. So, our walks together are really for her. Although, I do enjoy the scenery and being outdoors. For my peace of mind, it will be better to have hubs with her when I head out for my solo walk.

I continue to do my calisthenics regimen every day that I’m not on the road back and forth to the city bringing more belongings south. Last week, I made two day trips, with a day off in-between, and that knocked me in the dirt. I did not become bedridden, although my body would have loved to lie around more. I made sure to get my sessions in every day that I was home, and I always felt better afterward.

And so, what am I doing to motivate myself to keep going when I would rather sit, nap, read, or just lay down? First, I ask myself what is causing this malaise. Then, I wonder if I’m drinking enough water. I have a habit of pouring iced water bottles into my thermos. But I have noticed that I sip on it for hours and don’t really drink the sixty-four recommended ounces.

I also ask myself if I might be bored and just need a change of pace. I think about what needs done regarding chores, paperwork, or other projects. And then I set out to do something different than my current activity – which is probably just sitting, since I’m always fighting low energy.

And sometimes, I decide that I just need a snack for some quick energy between meals. I found a few nut/dried fruit packs that come in handy. If I’m particularly hungry and cannot wait for a regular meal, I add a banana, apple, or a couple of cuties, especially since I’m trying to curb the extra added sugar and stick with natural sugar.

Before long, I feel better and have knocked out my calisthenics and decluttered the utility room or some other much-needed task.

Easy reference when a little motivation is needed:

  • Reduce added sugar.
  • Assess water intake.
  • Change up activities.
  • Grab a quick snack.

The one thing anyone wanting to be healthier needs to ask themselves is: What is my ultimate goal?

When we know what our goals are, then we can make a plan to reach at least one of them. With a plan, especially if it’s written down, we can see for ourselves how we can proceed in a simple step-by-step format. Without a plan, we can set ourselves up for disappointment.

So what will you do this week, or in the coming month, to feel healthier? Will you replace unhealthy snacks for healthy ones? Will you be sure to drink enough fluids? Will you increase your activity? Will you question yourself more instead of just giving into a slump?

In my case, since my clothes are still fitting snugger than I like, I’ll focus on getting my steps in despite day trips to the city. I’ll try to offset all the sitting I do during these drives with at least a ten-minute walk once I reach my destination. That seems reasonable.

How about you? What will your simple plan be? What will you do to be just a little healthier than what you consider your current everyday normal?

Whatever it is, make it fun, look forward to it, and embrace it.

C’mon, we can do this!

See you in September!

2 thoughts on “Motivation for Health

  1. Kirsten Bett

    I plan my visits to my gym – that helps me stick to my workouts. I agree sometimes it’s hard. To reduce my sugar intake, I try to limit my pure chocolate intake but that is hard. My big time downfall is liquorice. As a half-Dutch liquorice is so addictive…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. VirgSpeaks

      Lol, I’m sure. I have several friends who lovvvve black licorice. I’m afraid I’ve never warmed up to it. But I do love a great dark chocolate, which is on my safe food list. Sooo, you can imagine the war I have with myself over that! Keep up the fitness and monitoring that sugar intake, and I will, too. Lots of love!! 🌞


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