Three Writing Tips For Anyone

Do you aspire to be a writer? Do you already write and call yourself a writer? Are you a writer-in-waiting? Are you already a published writer?

Wherever you are in your writing journey, these tips* can help you set the mood for success:

  1. Space: create a space for writing; not one to be confined to, but one to be inspired by;
  2. Mindset: be open to writing – always, but flexible in what the spirit chooses to write about; and
  3. Tools: choose tools which inspire, entice creativity, and bring a sense of fun to your experience.

Question & Answer

Do I use these ideas? Sure.

Have they been useful to me? Yes, all the time.

What else helps? Having the desire to write.

What makes anyone a writer? Being that I’ve been writing for decades, I’d say anyone who wants to be a writer – and has written even just a list of their writing ambitions – is a writer.

When did I feel that I was a writer? Since I learned to write sentences.

Were there any obstacles along the way? Yes, lots of them. From distractions, like living everyday life to tackling necessary projects to reading, I’ve let writing take a backseat to writing dreams.

What are some self-imposed ways you didn’t become a published writer sooner? I doubted my writing ability. That was my number one holdup.

What does anyone “need” to write? The desire to write.

Anything else? A place – anywhere will do, really; the right mindset – no negative self-talk; and, tools: paper and pencils or pens – everything else is a bonus.

Is that it? Support is good; finding a good mentor or writing group.

In the end, a desire to write is optimal though. Everything else will come – if you really want to write.

Stay tuned for more writing tips….

*Please note: The tips listed above were written and published on my Instagram account on February 7, 2022. Please feel free to use these tips as inspiration for your writing goals and endeavors.