My Cover

Magazine Cover Challenge

Magazine cover of myself kneeling out in the country with bluebonnets all around and holding my puppy and in words things that I write about and or am for a Magazine Cover Challenge that I am taking part in.

Back in October 2020, I had the pleasure of coming across a blog post of Allison K. Williams, Brevity’s Social Media Editor, called Cover Story. I was fascinated by the idea of the #MagazineCoverChallenge that was done in a Facebook writer group that she is a part of.

It’s taken me approximately three months to totally embrace the idea, add it to my goal list, and fully formulate how I would make it happen. Thanks to seeing a Facebook post by a cousin of mine about her way of fulfilling new year’s resolutions without making them, I added the Magazine Cover Challenge to my To-do Box on January 4 and pulled it on January 19. Three days later and the cover is done.

It took me approximately three hours. Not too bad considering I had no real idea how to go about it. After a nap, the ideas started to flow and I simply looked up the original blog post, decided which design app to use, and which photo I could use without having to wait for a professional photo shoot. And everything else kind of fell into place.

Honestly, I didn’t think I would get it done so quickly. But here it is!

You know, I should have added Over-Achiever on my cover, lol.

The bonus is that this cover, although by far not a complete and accurate capture of my multi-faceted personality, will give me more to write about in the coming future…smiles.

I would be honored if you LIKE this page to show that you like my Cover. Please feel free to offer your suggestions for my next one (because we are always changing and growing, never staying the same).

Thank you for reading and stay safe out there. Smiles to you!

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