Online Links to Writings

In hopes of writing, in the future, for more than one online venue, this page has links to articles I have written and submitted for publication. Articles are essay or how-to and cover topics such as daily life, social media, spirituality, and writing (see list below).

First is HubPages. Next will, hopefully, be Contena or Cravinkminds. So stay tuned!


Are you looking for more inspiration? I’m now writing for HubPages, an online writing community. My articles include the topics of spirituality, social media, and writing. I’m so grateful for this additional writing opportunity offering more ways to be inspired.

And one of the best things about writing for HubPages is my articles can be selected to be featured on any of their network sites which include CalorieBee, Delishably, FeltMagnet, HobbyLark, Holidappy, LetterPile, Owlcation, PetHelpful, RemedyGrove, SkyAboveUs, ToughNickle, and several more. As you can see from the network names, the writing topics are almost limitless.

If you are a writer, I invite you to check out HubPages as a possible writing venue for any of your articles. If you are new to writing, it’s a great way to get some publishing experience or to get your name or book in the public eye.

To date, four of my articles are also now featured on HubPages as well as their network site, LetterPile:


Honoring Our Fathers

The Bonds of Motherhood


When Self-Discipline Turns Ashes into Grace


Writing with Personal Style and Flair

The following articles can be found only on HubPages. Hopefully, one or more will catch your attention. Feel free to click through:

Daily Life

Embracing Life’s Expectations & Disappointments

Juggling the Busyness of Life

Spring Cleaning and the Joy of Less

The Importance of an Organized Life


For the Love of Movies


Compliments Can Make a Person’s Day

How We Can Be More Compassionate

How to Improve on Honoring One Another

Tips to Inspire Your Journey As You Grow Up


The Importance of Thinking TIme

Social Media

The Power of Likes on Social Media


About Providing Book Ratings and Writing Reviews

How Writing on a Regular Schedule Helps Me Be a Better Writer

Ways Anyone Can Succeed at Writing

Thank you for taking the time to visit these articles and see if any might inspire you in any way.

Please note: This webpage will be updated as additional articles are published.