Favorite Social Media App

Have you guessed what my favorite social media app is yet?

Hint: I am on it all the time. Well, at least, daily.


Yes, Instagram.

I know.

To think that, for years, I had no idea what Facebook’s sister app was all about.

And I have to admit I felt intimidated by Instagram for as long.

That’s right. Instagram seemed like some alien world to me. I could barely handle Facebook. How could I learn one more app?

Well, it happened. Once I became a new, fledgling author, I decided perhaps it was time to check out Instagram. I had heard that creatives do really well on it. And so, I took a chance.

Did I like Instagram?

After a few awkward days of trying to figure out how to “like” posts, comment on posts, make a post and share it, I decided to continue trying to figure it out. And, yes, after a few weeks I decided I liked Instagram.

What happened once I started using Instagram?

I connected with writer friends across the world, and I gained followers.

I also got to share my writing skills, market my book, practice and expand on my graphic design skills, and inspire people.

After eleven months though, I still don’t know how to use all of Instagram’s features. But I am ever-learning, so I expect to keep figuring it out as I go.

Do I have another favorite app in addition to Instagram?

I have one other favorite app – which helps me create and share posts on Instagram better. It is a graphic design app called Canva.

Are there other apps I enjoy and which ones?

Oh, sure, I love Snapchat and mainly use that one with close family and friends. I also enjoy LinkedIn but, since I’m wavering on which direction to take my career, I haven’t been posting on it much lately.

I also enjoy Facebook, but don’t like weeding through all the irrelevant sponsored ads and memes. I much prefer posts on family news and seeing what is happening in the lives of my friends. So, I reduce clutter, “like,” and comment on relevant posts, so the algorithms will cooperate with me better. And, guess what? They have.

Okay, so why do I enjoy Instagram so much over other apps?

I especially like how positive Instagram is. It is very rare that I have had to delete a comment or unfollow an account due to rudeness or inappropriate content. A person can follow or unfollow whichever accounts are beneficial to them at the moment. There is no requesting friendships or connections like in other social media apps. Just follow and unfollow as it pertains to your needs.

What are some of the ways I have had to adapt in order to use Instagram better?

I have had to learn how hashtags work on Instagram, as they play an important part on Instagram. I know at least one app that recommends only three to five hashtags. On Instagram, the limit is thirty and the use of all thirty is encouraged. This allows a post to have a much farther reach.

And I have had to learn to be okay with posting selfies, lol. I am naturally shy and, therefore, self-conscious. So, it’s a big deal for me to post photos of myself for the general public. Anyone who knows me in person knows that every hair has to be in place. And, no lopsided grins either, lol. But, I am doing my best to embrace this concept as I go.

What are some things I still need to learn about Instagram?

I am wanting to challenge myself to do reels. Reels are a big thing as they are Instagram’s version of TikTok. I want my reels to reflect the real me and not be too outlandish. So, we’ll just have to see what that means, once I take some time to focus on making a couple of reels.

I also need to learn all of Instagram’s features for regular videos and story posts. There are so many features; ones I have seen and ones I am not aware of. I have watched a few short instructional videos on reels and on features, however, I need the time to be able to slow them down, repeat, and get a better handle of each feature.

And, that’s a wrap….

So now, you know just a little bit about why Instagram is my favorite social media app.

When things slow down some on this tiny farm of ours, and I have had some time to learn these amazing and interesting features, I will do another blog and share what I have learned with you.

In the meantime, please share with me in the comments below what your favorite social media app is and why. Perhaps, it will become one of my new faves….

If you are on Instagram, find me at @virginia.alice.crawford. Hope to see you there!

Next month’s blog on social media will focus on how I get Facebook to work for me. Yes, that’s right. I will share what I do to make Facebook an enjoyable experience.

Tune in next week for a blog update about our move from the city to the country. See you soon!

For information about my book, HONOR ONE ANOTHER: The ABCs of Embracing Our Spirit Within, please visit my books page.

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