Inspirational Authors

Welcome! There are so many authors who write to inspire others. I know because they not only inspire me, but their writing – whether it’s poetry, essay, other nonfiction, and even fiction, inspires anyone and everyone who takes time to pause and read it.

in this section of my website, you will find authors who have published their own books, shared in collaborative books with others, and or have had their writings published in contemporary or literary magazines. It is my hope that you will find their personal stories and their writings of inspiration to you.

Each author will have their own featured page on this website, as well as a short intro on this page and access to their page. If you would like to know more about any featured author, simply click through to their page where I feature an interview with them and links to their own website and as well as links to purchase their book(s) if you so choose.



Featured Author for September 2022

My second featured author is Belza Ramos.

I have known Belza for about twenty years. I would help her when I worked at St. Brigid to publish in the church bulletin and website information about the various programs facilitated over the yeas. In our years together at St. Brigid, we have also supported other inspirational authors.

To access my interview with Belza, please click on the button:



Featured Author for May 2022

My first featured author is Mary Olivia Patiño.

I have known Mary Olivia for almost twenty years now. We worked together as co-workers at St. Brigid, as well as volunteers in different ministries. Now that we are both published writers, we collaborate together to inspire others and support one another’s writing endeavors.

To access my interview with Mary Olivia, please click on the button:

More inspirational authors coming soon….so please stay tuned.

Please note: If you are a visiting author of inspirational writings, either essays, poetry, memoir, or short stories, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to “meet” with you about featuring your and your work on these pages.