Virg Speaks

Personal reflections that inspire and challenge.

Virginia Alice Crawford

Writer & Author

This website started out as a personal blog titled, “Virg Speaks.” It was my way to express thoughts, ideas, and experiences that I was eager to share with the world. Despite this desire, because I am also shy by nature, I was reluctant to share my writing and kept most of my pages and blog posts private.

Once my book was in its final editing stages, instead of creating an author website to promote it, I gave this one a facelift to highlight my writing career. With this new and major overhaul, it is my hopes to give you, my reader, something to inspire you and leave you with a sense that you can achieve any dream you set for yourself.

I am new to a lot of the technology needed to write and self-publish today. It always seems to be a learning curve for me. I started writing with pencil, sometimes crayon, and paper. Then, I learned to type. And then, there was the fantastic creation of the word processor. Now, here we are with computers and keyboards and smart phones and the world wide web.

If being published is what you want, then I am sure you can do it. Step by step, just like I did, you can get there. It may take time, but who doesn’t have time to spare doing something, whether it is reading, writing, blogging, napping, watching a favorite movie, walking or hiking, or just being lazy. Yes, you can do it, if you choose to use some of that extra time to follow your dream – whatever that dream is – whether it is or isn’t to be a published writer. You can do it!

I know. Because I just did.

What I Do With My Writing:

  • Challenge
  • Inspire
  • Share
  • Encourage
  • Motivate

“The sweetest rewards come with effort.”

Virginia Alice Crawford

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