Blogging About Writing Expectations

Do you ever not know what to blog, or write, about? Or do you have so many ideas you don’t know which one to choose?

Because I’m inspired about so many things, I definitely have difficulty settling on topics – like all the time. I want to write about this, and yet I want to write about that. Every time it comes to selecting a subject to write about, my mind whirls with all sorts of possibilities. Then, I sit down to write. Sometimes I can settle on a topic. And other times, it’s still a battle – until I finally make myself narrow my piece down to one topic, telling myself I can always write about my other ideas next time.

To Branch Out or Not

Recently, I started writing articles for HubPages and am considering branching out and writing for Medium, Contena, Cravinkminds, and or ListVerse. I’m walking a tightrope of doing it or maybe not. It’s not that I wouldn’t have tons of topics to choose from for content. It’s that I’m not sure I want to keep track of all the specific writing guidelines for each venue. I have enough of my own guidelines, which actually get in my way sometimes and can keep me from writing with my best foot – or should I say, with my best hand – forward. And then, there’s the expectation of time.

While writing the rough draft for my next HubPages article about this very subject – expectations, I thought a lot about how I want to spend my time writing. I asked myself to delve deeper into how I want and need to spend time writing. And I considered my expectations about writing topics. When writing, should I focus just on my book? Should I blog less or more? Should I cut back on my social media marketing? And should I lean toward culling down the topics I write about in order to become proficient about only one or two?

Taking a Break Gives Insight

So, I took the weekend off of writing and social media; well, except for the rough draft on expectations for HubPages, of course. This brings me to realizing something about my writing. I noticed that not only do I write differently when I handwrite versus when I create an article in MS Word, but I also write or type differently when I blog from the backend of my website versus when I create a blog in Word. Yet, this doesn’t seem to apply when I create my Instagram posts in Notepad versus directly on the IG app.

Do you notice a difference in the way you handwrite or type up an article or blog? Or is this something only I suffer from? (Hear me laugh, here. Haha.) I’ve come to the realization that it’s important to be aware of how we communicate in order to reach our writing expectations. In my case, I’m expecting to blog and sound like I’m speaking directly with you. However, if I create my blog in Word or other app, it starts to sound like an article. I find this interesting and definitely don’t want to sound like an essay or how-to article when instead I want to sound like a blog. Is there really a difference? Yes, I believe, there is.

Writing to Fit the Style

So, one of my new writing goals is be sure I’m creating my content in the right way – either handwriting, social media app, word processing app, or backend of a website. Another one of my writing goals is to continue to consider where I want to spend my writing time. And, lastly, I want to develop a plan to zero in on what subjects to write about. Trust me, it’s not so easy to just mull it over. When I love to write about as many topics as I do, it’s really difficult for me to narrow down to just two subjects. It’s like telling me I can’t have fun anymore.

The question you may be wondering about is where did I get the idea just to write about one or two topics. I got it from reading articles by writers who are providing encouragement to other writers on how to be a successful writer. Not just one writer, but several are proponing to focus on only one to two subjects.

So now, I’m in a dilemma on what to do. Of course, I don’t think these writers have written a book and are relying solely on writing articles or essays as their focus. So then, I wonder if having written a book gives me the freedom to write about any topic I’ve included in it. What do you think about all this narrowing down or just keep on being inspired?

Something New

Before I close off for now, I’m hoping to keep my blogs shorter and go back to blogging once a week – about the topics I love to blog about. I know, this sounds like more time spent writing. But, upon reflection, I’m discovering that writing about what a person loves to write about – as a blogger, writer, or author – is important. I mean, if you’re going to write, doesn’t it make sense to write about what you love?

So stay tuned for more about my life as a writer, blogger, and all-around seeker of meeting those writing expectations – my own and those of others (only if the advice warrants heeding).

In the meantime, once I get my HubPages article finished and submitted this week, and it is published, I’ll place a link here. You can click through, then tell me if any of it resonates with you.

Here’s to more writing about what we love, and to figuring out the rest of it, as we travel our journey – writing or perhaps not.

4 thoughts on “Blogging About Writing Expectations

  1. This is wonderful ❤️ Thank you for sharing ❤️ I love all your thoughts and ideas about writing ✍️ ❤️ I especially enjoy writing from the Heart with no deadlines or expectations other than to free flow thoughts and feelings into layers of words, sentences, paragraphs and stories 😀

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      1. Thank you, i will keep writing when the Heart nudges me 🙂
        I wished we could have spoke more today. I feel like we could speak for hours. I looked for email 📧 and could not trace. Would email come from your Word Press?

        Liked by 1 person

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