Writing & Writing A Book

Every now and then, little surprises can bring new beginnings.

There is a definite difference between writing, regularly or randomly,…and writing a book.

When writing, whether blogging, journaling, or otherwise, there is usually no deadline, the deadline is minimal, or the deadline is self-imposed, at best.

When writing a book, there is often a cloak of desperation that pushes our words forth from mind and fingers onto paper or screen. That cloak of desperation? To meet a deadline. And that desperation to meet a deadline, whether real and set by an editor or publisher, or set by another person – in my case, me – can be what spurs any writer on to publication success.

For the past year, I have been chasing that desperate deadline. And that deadline has been eluding me. First, from being too exhausted from training others on a job that I would be retiring from. Then, from boxing up, moving, unboxing, living, and traveling back and forth from country to city.

That deadline has an end in sight now.

Sunrise at our Little Casita (still in progress).

What Is New

The good news is that I am back to writing as of yesterday.

We closed on our city home on September 27th, three days earlier than first expected. And that has set me up for some new writing goals (and deadlines – yes, self-set, of couse, lol) and writing, just writing (and finally, writing), on my second book.

I couldn’t be happier. But I have a longer road ahead of me than first anticipated.

Back on May 2nd, when I actually spent most of the day, going over my book plan and readjusting my entire project, I divided Book Two into three parts. Yes! What was I thinking? The good part is that I am at least one-third of the way done which really means, if I include the editing phase, that I am about one-fourth of the way to being ready to publish it.

When did I discover this? Yesterday. Yes, yesterday, when I sat myself down and took a real lonnng look at what I had decided on May 2nd. Thankfully, I am happy with that new judgment and will proceed ahead over the month of October to write part-two of Book Two.

What is the title of my second book? It is, “It’s Just Your Imagination! The ABCs to Facing Our Fears.”

No, not all of my books will be ABC books, but the first few will be. Then, I will branch out to other formats.

My first book made it to The Alamo.

Other Writing News

My first book, “Honor One Another: The ABCs of Embracing Our Spirit Within,” is finally getting some circulation out in the world of book lovers. As you know from previous blog posts about my writing, “Honor One Another…,” was accepted into the Texas Indie Book Project and is now in several libraries, including our two local Live Oak County Libraries.

I have other books, in addition to my first two, in some sort of progress. As I get a handle on a writing routine, now that I am not traveling back and forth from city to country on a weekly basis, I hope to further the writing of those eight to ten books-in-progress.

I continue to write daily Instagram posts, and also post regularly on my Facebook author page, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Cactus – twice as big as last year.

Inspirational Writing Goals

What is my overall goal of writing? The goal of any writing I do is to inspire others. I have often seen in my life growing up a need for inspiration. There is so much negativity that we face in our lives, from when we are young on up to years past where I am today. Part of it, I believe, comes from not knowing how to voice questions, doubts, concerns to the right person. We don’t want to be perceived as ignorant. We wait to see if the answers will reveal themselves. In the meantime, we can become influenced by others with less than positive intentions.

Because I grew up an introvert, it took me years to learn how to speak up for others and speak out against negativity. I am still learning. I am still striving for more self-confidence. I am still seeking the path that will lead me to fully voicing the inspiration and positivity that I want to propel out into the world. But I am certain I will get there. Just like every thing in our life, some things just take time.

So, please bear with me, as I continue to write that second and subsequent books. In the meantime, consider checking out my first book – either for yourself, for a friend, or for someone who could use a little extra inspiration in their life.

Beautiful skies, looking west.

How About You

What are some goals you will meet during the month of October? Are you writing a first book? Will you be starting to write your next book? Or working on your next article? How about blogging your next subject?

What do you like to write about? Are you a fiction writer? Or nonfiction? What genre do you prefer?

Before I started getting serious about writing professionally, I only read a few genres, particularly mystery, writing craft, inspirational, and a little romance from time-to-time. Then, I joined up with a writing group last year and connected with members on Instagram and a few other apps. I never realized, until then, just how many genres there are. Limitless, I am suspecting.

If you already know what you like to write about, that’s great. But if you are not sure, and want to get started, think about what kind of reading brings you joy or satisfaction. That is usually where you want to start. Although, I have heard the opposite. But I think that has a lot to do with personality. The important thing is to write. Just write.

Foggy morning; first walk of the day.

Until Next Time

Next weekend, I will blog about marriage. Subtopic will be about the evolution of a marriage.

For information about my first book, please visit my books page.

And for daily updates, follow me on Instagram, @virginia.alice.crawford. Thank you. See you there!

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