Finding Balance in Social Media

Back in October, I wrote my first post about navigating social media. I indicated that I would continue to share with you the journey of social media in my life. As a Social Media Admin by day and a book author marketing my own book by night, the challenge to learn more about social media is forefront on my mind.

By learning new techniques, it is becoming easier for me to navigate social media with less time and more balance in my life. Over the holidays, I took time off from some of my social media posting. I used the time for other important tasks. Feeling accomplished, as well as relieved not to be on the computer all day, I decided to scale back on my posting.

This decision has been to my favor. I have learned that when I post I am seen, and when I don’t post someone else is seen. And that’s okay. I have learned that we are not in competition to outdo everyone on the Internet. Our purpose is to share – whatever our goal is, whether it is to sell a book, shoes, fitness equipment, makeup, or the next wonderful idea.

In my quest to find balance in this social media world, I have learned even more valuable information to share with you in this, and future, posts. These are simple things that do not cost a cent. The only cost is taking time to implement them. You may already know some of these, but still I want to share my perspective on them with you. Here are four things that can make your life easier:

  • Take advantage of free learning.
  • Be note conscience – written or digital.
  • Block time for updating your apps.
  • Find balance in your day.

Free Learning

Often, the free learning on any social media app is enough to give you the jumpstart you need. I have watched at least three different Instagram webinars. Each presenter has offered different ways to improve my bio and engagement. These free take-aways have been helpful enough until I am ready for my next level of understanding and improvement.

At the end of December, I signed up for a 30-day free trial on LinkedIn Learning. I try to get in at least sixty minutes of learning in one week. This seems like adding more pressure in an otherwise already time-filled calendar, but it works for me. If it is something you want to try, and then not sign up for the paid version, consider it. I am still considering. My trial ends in a few days.

Take Notes Diligently

If you are serious about building your following, whatever your personal reason, then carry a notebook with you or use a note app on your smart phone. I have two note apps on my phone but, being old-school, find it much easier to have a spiral and pen along with me. I just lug it with me wherever I go. It fits nicely in my large shoulder bag, and I believe it makes me look quite smart. I certainly get a lot of curious looks when I show up everywhere with it in hand.

Be sure to take notes about anything that is closely related to your subject. Are you learning about something specific? Are you brainstorming your next book or landscaping project? Whatever it is, take notes. Even if it is something simple like a realty sign at a house you like down the street. Do not trust your memory. I have been taking notes since I was in grade school. I used to keep a diary and everything when into it. As I got older, it was in a journal that I compiled all sorts of information and musings. It is those moments when I do not have paper and pen, or my smart phone with me, that I get myself in trouble. I try desperately to memorize the name, the number, the address, the website, the thought, only for it to fritter away into the cobwebs of my mind. Sometimes, the information comes back. But often, it does not. So, I beg, take notes…diligently. You will not regret taking too many notes.

Schedule Cleanup Time

Yes, schedule some time, even if it is only once a week, to update your apps or accounts. Use the time to freshen your photos, make sure your links work, and remove outdated information. Trust me, time passes, and before you know it, your website, Instagram bio, or Facebook profile will make it look like you don’t live there anymore.

Live A Balanced Life

Last, but not least, include fun in your life. Do not feel you need to always be posting on social media. Do not get desperate about learning the latest app out there. In the end, there will always be more apps. There will always be tomorrow. Well, there usually is. And, if there isn’t, well, it won’t matter much anymore anyway, will it?

So, take time to smell the roses, sleep in when you can or take a nap, play with your children or pets, go for that walk or hike you’ve been wanting to go on, or take a yoga or cooking class. Read. Watch a movie. Call a friend. Write a letter. Spend time in nature, with your significant other, or getting that much-needed massage. Time waits for no one. Whereas we don’t want to spend it all on the social media, we do want to spend time where it matters the most – with our loved ones or doing what we enjoy.

Well, there you have it. Four ways to be a more balanced social media expert or novice. What were they? Take advantage of free learning. Always write everything down – our minds have too much on them these days. Make blocks of time to update your social media accounts so that you are always current and accessible. Live balanced – make YOU time and your family a priority.

One final thought, if you work from home or truly spend a lot of time on social media for your job(s), as I do, take as many breaks as you can. I like to set my phone alarm for every waking hour. When it goes off, I am prompted to get up and move. If I am at work, I get up and walk down the hall, returning or giving something to co-workers, visiting the workroom or kitchen, or checking to see if anyone needs anything. If I am at home, I like to jog in place for five minutes. It helps to wake up those muscles and gives me more energy for later in the day.

Tune in next month for “being more efficient on social media.” See you then!

P.S. Please feel free to leave a comment. Let me know if what I am posting is helpful to you or not. Or, simply say hello 🙂

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Thank you!

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