There’s nothing like the anticipation of vacation when I’m on burn out from my job. And, it certainly was great to be heading out the front office door last Thursday. But now, on my last official rest and relaxation day, I’m feeling pretty mellow. In fact, I’ve felt mellow all week just knowing that my vacation wasn’t going to last forever. There’s so much to do around here that I get lost in the muddle and lose sight of what I want to accomplish.

I think it’s so much easier, or so it seems, when I go away on vacation. My time is dictated by packing, making sure not to forget anything, travel time to and from set destination point, and by wherever or whoever I’m staying with. But, time on a stay-cation is or can be ominous, especially if you’re taking it at the same time as your spouse. What to do today? I ask myself. Then, I check-in with my other half to see if what I want, or need to do, will jive with his schedule.

For the most part, I did well with getting things done. However, it was difficult to be truly successful because, as I said before, there is just so much to do around here. Chores…some immediate, and yet others on the back burner seem to haunt me constantly like the washing of curtains and window panes. Scary stuff. Then, there’s organizing the pantry – again. And, did I tell you about my hobbies? I’ve got lots and lots of sewing projects; some for Christmas gifts and others in hopes of making a few bucks to subsidize my crafting habit. I’ve got old projects and new projects, and projects I’m not even sure I want to do anymore.

Even though a good part of this stay-cation consisted of doing chores and tackling projects, I did spend time relaxing, writing letters, and reading. Plus, I was able to get back to working out and making fitness a priority. This I feel really good about. Strength training at my age (really any age) is important. I’m still working on the cardio, but I’ll get there. Somehow, with the exception of taking up hiking on Saturday mornings, I had let the month of June go by with only excuses of why I couldn’t work out. Perhaps, just like I needed this stay-cation to reevaluate some things, I also needed time off after eight months of strength training. Now, I’m back to it, not because I have to get fit but because I want to be fit.

Certainly, this vacation was not all I thought it should be, but it was good. Now that I’ve had time off from a rather stressful job, I can return feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes my way. Or, maybe I’ll get back and realize I don’t want to deal with continual stress and look for another job. Either way, I’m glad for the mulling time, to diffuse and deflect accumulating stress and to reconnect with myself and refocus my energies.

More enjoying of life and stay-cations, please.

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