The one thing I’m told a person must do if one blogs is to blog often, at least once a day. If one doesn’t blog often, followers will lose interest. That might be a bit difficult for someone like me. Often for me comes in waves, all dependent upon every internal and external factor in my life.

So, even though I’ve found that to write at all means to do what works for me, I find that I must look to others to learn how to discipline myself when it comes to blogging. Yes, perhaps writing in the morning works for me on Saturday mornings, but not during the week. So, the discipline comes in writing each day at the time that is best, not so much at the same time every day.

Think in terms of sports and it might be easier to understand what this means. For one person, practicing soccer or football every evening could be best. Yet, for another, early morning work might work better. And yet, for someone else, several times a day or just in group practice would work. This would be the same with ballet or art or singing lessons. One must determine for themselves what part of each day is best to write or blog for their best success.

The other thing about blogging is that one must write about something others want to hear about. It’s not that my life is boring, but it’s not super, duper exciting either. I’ve looked at other blogs and it seems that some can write quite a bit about just one thing. For instance, cooking, whether it’s Italian, Greek, or Mexican foods or the latest diet trend. Others can write endlessly about surfing or skydiving.

So, for someone like me who’s all over the place with thoughts and topics, one topic could be a bit restrictive. And so, on my site, you’ll find all kinds of writing from topics on spirituality to fitness to inspiring others. Everything I write about comes from my own experiences and insights – as it should. That’s what blogging is about. Putting yourself into what you write about. Being passionate about what you share with others, what you put out into the universe.

So, if you love to write, figure out what it is you want to share and then do it. Keep in mind that it isn’t for you to determine or know if someone reads what you write and gleans something from it or not. For you, the writing focus is subject, passion, insight, clarity. Keep it interesting, and you’ll do just fine. The reader will take it from there. And, if they choose to stop reading mid-sentence, that’s totally up to them. Remember, there are so many blogs out there and only so many hours in the day.

Whether you write a blog or a poem, an essay or a letter to a friend or family member, the important thing is to be true to yourself and then…just write…or, in this case, just blog.

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