Me Time

Have you ever seen someone going about a hundred miles a minute in all directions? You know what I’m talking about. I see it happen around me all the time. The person looks like they’ll explode any minute if they don’t meet their deadline. At times, I fear they might collapse from their obvious display of unhealthy stress.

Yes, I have been there, done that. No, nothing bad happened to me. Thankfully, I learned to slow down and smell the roses, meditate, nap on Saturdays and Sundays when I can, and take time to do stuff that I enjoy. I learned to take “me time.” Now, I read all the time. I take time to sew. I spend time chatting or texting with my sisters and friends. I take time every day for fitness and making healthy choices. If it weren’t for “me time,” I would literally live in denial of my own existence, not ever learning the importance of refueling my being and renewing who I am. Really, “me time” is that important.

It just so happens that today is one of those days with lots of “me time.” My husband went out of town to work on one of his projects. So, here I am…taking time to do something that brings me inner peace and joy: writing and sharing a part of me with you.

When is the last time you’ve taken some “me time” to do something for yourself? Not everyday stuff like errands or dishes, but out of the ordinary things like a foot bath, making pretty curtains for your favorite room or trying out that new recipe? How about just sitting in the back yard reading your favorite author’s latest best seller? Now, that is a luxury for any busy person these days.

Taking “me time” is so important. The payoff brings great dividends: relaxation, inner peace, a renewed sense of self. Yes, that’s right. There’s just something special about taking time just for you. No expectations. No restrictions. Anything goes – as long as you relax and enjoy yourself. Like my friend, Iris, who took time to clean out her pantry today, her bonus was discovering about ten varieties of peanut butter and making peanut butter cookies. She loves to bake and finds it relaxing doing so.

Whatever you choose to do with your “me time,” may it be centering, refreshing and possibly even set yourself on a new course of personal development. Make it a point to take your “me time” regularly, in different increments. I like to enjoy thirty minutes of reading and reflection with my morning coffee. A couple of times each week I try to put in at least an hour of sewing. And, once a month, I try to take one day on the weekend, or by using a vacation day during the week, to do something special just for me. I might meetup with a friend for lunch and a movie, or I might sew all day.

So, think about taking some “me time” for yourself. Life is too short not to do so. And, if anyone gives you a hard time about it, just ask them the same question that I just asked you. Or, ask: When is the last time you’ve taken some down time? Time for play? Time for rest? Time for fun? Time for family, friends, or a favorite hobby? See how long it takes them to answer. You might just have given them something to ponder.

As for my sanity and overall well-being, I can’t function without my “me time.” Who’s with me?

2 thoughts on “Me Time

    1. VirgSpeaks

      Thank you for being so kind. I hope you’ll stick around. And mostly, I hope you take some “me time” in your life to refuel, ponder important questions, and reconnect with nature. Peace to you as you travel this life journey where you are at.


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