Slowing Down for a Much-needed Rest

Sammie-girl – always by my side.

Sometimes what a person really needs is a good long rest. When life is always coming at you in one or another, well, a nap may be just what you need. I hear people say all the time, and I’m guilty of it too, I don’t have time for naps. Or, I can’t sleep during the day; if I do, I won’t be able to sleep at night. Or, naps aren’t for me no matter what’s going on in my life. Well, hubs is always telling me, listen to your body. And so I did just that today. I took a two hour nap. And I feel so much better. Even after sleeping for at least eleven hours last night. After fighting major food allergies last week and still struggling with them this week, dealing with a full-time job that was supposed to be a part-time job, and trying to not be overwhelmed by still living in this dilapidated house, well, I really benefited from saying yes to that nap.

What Constitutes Rest

What do you do to slow down and get some much-needed rest? Do you read? Possibly get down-time while you get a manicure and/or pedicure? Do you go to the movies? How about lose yourself in your favorite hobby? Does cleaning the house or catching up on paperwork restore your center of balance? Or do you take a long hike or enjoy a nice yoga session? How about indulging in a massage, sauna, or hot tub? The ideas are endless when it comes to finding quiet time to slow down and just be. My personal favorites are meditation, reading a favorite genre, writing, or watching a good movie. And that’s just because it’s a cold winter day today. In warmer temps, I love me a nice walk in the great outdoors, a shopping day with a friend, or cards or a board game with a fellow game lover.

Sometimes, I need extra rest because of too much stress, not enough regular rest, not enough calories – especially in this weight-loss focused society of ours, or even not enough connection with those favorite people in my life. Since moving to the country, I’m enjoying the slower pace of life, but all my friends are back where I was living and my family is not much closer than they were before our move. And the fact that we’re still living in limbo in this dilapidated house, waiting on our Little Casita to be completed, doesn’t help my overall disposition. Sure, I’m usually upbeat and can make the most of any situation, but I’ve never been the most patient person, no matter what anyone tells you, lol.

Developing A Strategy

So, how do I plan to get through the remaining months until our Little Casita is finished, endure the predicted colder-than-usual months of winter, and stay energized for major projects at work? By choosing my mindset and focusing on accomplishing things that need done such as my letter-writing and card-sending, decluttering and organizing, and the elusive book editing. Having a plan can definitely come in handy. And getting that much-needed rest can help to see what plan is needed, develop what it should be, and implement it, so that personal equilibrium can be restored.

Early home one evening; beautiful west skies.

Of course, this is all easier said than done. Often, what happens is I continue to work in overload, my every minute committed to something external. Then, before I know it, I’ve collapsed. And I wonder why. I question what went wrong, yet I am unable to see and unprepared to change my schedule so that I can have time to rest, refresh, and refuel. Where did we get the idea that being busy means being productive? Of late, being busy means I need to change something. It means I need to let go of those things which are not serving my purpose.

So, knowing what I want to be doing instead of always being busy is an important thing. When I know what I want my days to look like only then can I consider what has to be eliminated so I can have time to breathe. Since May, I have been working eight to ten hours four days a week. I cannot do anything about those hours right now. But at home, instead of coming home and jumping on the computer to do everything I need to book-related, I can take time to rest. If this means not getting on my phone either, than that’s what this means. But, first, I have to acknowledge where I want to be, what I want to change, and how I plan to do it. Does any of this resonate with you?

No Matter What – Just Breathe

No matter what, rest is important. So, even if you are not ready or can’t figure out how to change up your daily routine so you can get more rest, just breathe. I started this new thing last week – while I was and am still convinced about how bad my food allergies got – where I take ten long slow breaths and just think of nothing except how peaceful it feels to be doing nothing else. And guess what? It worked. I calmed down. The stress from worrying about what I would eat that day simmered down. The stress over the fact that my lack of appropriate eating was affecting my work productivity and efficiency mellowed out. And I was energized into believing that I can get through this. I can weather the current storms in my life.

What are the current storms in my life, you may ask. Well, a few of you may or may not know just from reading this blog. Storm One is my Food Allergies. Storm Two is my Workload at work, although I anticipate it improving in the coming months. And Storm Three is Social Media, not necessarily marketing my book as I enjoy all the creativity involved, but all the social media that occurs outside of that facet. Needless to say, when I rest, I can handle all these things much better than when I’m running (not literally) on empty.

Progress on the Little Casita; hubs has been filling in remaining wall space with insulation.

Due to anticipated cold, rainy weather, we are home this weekend instead of being committed to another weekend full of travel time, eating out (not good for my health), and lack of appropriate sleep (you know, not your own bed, so not quality zzzzs). So, I am enjoying some snuggly time with my pup, Sammie, writing (blogging and letter), reading, and just plain ol’ rest-time. I encourage you to get yourself some soon – if you are in need of some quiet or alone time. Thankfully, hubs is continuing on the construction of the Little Casita while Sammie and I do our own thing of keeping up with laundry, napping, and snacking (lol).

What’s in store?

I’ll be blogging on weekends that I’m home. Thankfully, my weekends away for the remainder of the year are only one or two now. I just heard from a friend who had minor surgery on November 1st and just flew yesterday to Italy, returning to Texas on the 26th. She loves to travel and I’m exhausted just thinking of it, lol. What energizes one person may not energize another, and what makes us feel rested varies. But one thing I know, for sure, snuggling with a sweet, devoted, loyal pup is priceless.

Stay tuned for writing topics: catching up on long overdue letter-writing; my word of the year: love; by reading/book recap; and my writing update. In the meantime, keep on smilin’, keep on laughin’, and keep on seeking rest-time.

Love & snuggles, Virg

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