Writing Success On A Schedule

It’s been two weeks since I last posted and, boy, I can feel it. It is truly amazing how writing, or blogging, can be so addictive. Did I just say writing is addictive? Okay, I admit it. All these years, I have been warring with myself about if I like to write or not. After all is said and done, the consensus is: yessss, I do love to write.

And on that note, I have good news and bad news regarding my writing. The good news is I have made progress on my second book. The bad news is I learned I cannot make writing progress unless I schedule it on my calendar and stick to it. So, maybe, just maybe, that is good news, too.

Local Author Event

While I was off from blogging, I took the opportunity to attend the Brush Country Market Days from November 4 to 6, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. During these days, local authors could display and sell their books at “The Book Nook.” It took a while for me to learn all the information about the event and to sign up. But once I did, I was all set.

I volunteered to “man” the tables (The Book Nook), along with a few other authors, for a two-hour timeframe each day. My hours were 10:00 am to 12Noon. I was glad for this opportunity to network with fellow, local authors, and to also meet more people from our new community. The placement of The Book Nook was right at the entry of the coliseum, where everyone would enter and depart during the event.

At the local book author event at the Brush Country Market Days; November 4-6, 2021.

In addition to meeting new people this way, I also roamed the interior of the coliseum, and the annex, and met some of the vendors. I especially loved the coffee bar, the new yoga company coming to town, and the jewelry makers’ booths. I know, I know, I have enough jewelry. I just can’t seem to say ‘No’ to earrings!

Mini Writing Retreat

I decided to turn the three event days into a mini-retreat of writing and making progress on my second book. So, each afternoon after errands and lunch, I spent two hours from approximately 2:15 pm to 4:15 pm just writing. I’m happy to announce that I was successful on Thursday and Friday. I was so proud of myself for the progress I had made on both those days.

On Saturday, my writing time took a backseat to family and friend time. I always say, people before things! So I just made a mental note to start dedicating more time to writing in the near future. And then, I enjoyed time with my best friend who drove down from the city to spend several hours and part of my birthday weekend with me, and with my son and his family who also came down for a few hours. You know I can never say ‘No’ to my grandbabes.

South Texas scenery on our way to visit my family for my birthday.

Writing Goals and Plans

So, what are my goals for writing? And how do I expect to get my second book finished and my others farther along? Did I mention I have about ten books in progress?

My plan is to start with what I can manage. Right now, I don’t have a full-time or part-time job, so I believe I can easily put in two hours per day on days I am not committed to being out of town or doing something else more important – like helping hubs with building our little casita.

Once I get a job, if this is what I need to do, then I will reassess my available time and go from there. I have decided not to worry one way or the other about what will happen, as either way my second book will get done. You could say, I’m just determined like that. My last book was written while I was working full-time. The upside is I was recovering from mole removal surgery and had to keep my movements to a minimum. So, a book idea that had its initial roots in my heart from many years back made its way to the forefront of my mind and became a reality.

The gorgeous hibiscus that hubs gave me for my birthday; bought in South Texas and replanted near where our little casita is being built.

What Needs Done

Bottom line is I know I can get back to writing on what I believe will be a successful book. It will just take time. But it will get done with persistence, dedication, and diligence.

Part of how I will get it done is how I get everything else done. I will alternate my tasks, so that other things like chores, paperwork, and quality time with hubs (and my Sammie-girl) do not suffer any. Yet, I will be as strict about my writing time as I have been about my workout time. If it works for fitness, it will work for writing.

Personal note here: fitness helps with stress and the flow of creative energy. By working out, I am able to rid myself of stress that comes from unnecessary head thoughts and helps to clear my mind. I encourage you to workout on a regular basis, if you aren’t already, then see your creative energy increase. When we feel good about ourselves, progress and positivity happens!

Hubs spent Saturday morning repairing a shredder, and then shredding grass.

Where I Currently Stand

Right now, and thanks to my two two-hour days last week, I am into the third section of my book. My first book only has one set of ABCs, but my second book will have three sets of ABCs. I struggled for the longest time with writing it. I kept going back and forth about what I wanted it to say, what I wanted to share with my readers about my experiences of fear, or no fear, in my life.

As I went into myself to figure what was wrong, I realized I wanted to share three main things about fear and each of those main things could have its own set of ABCs. Once I broke out the main categories, all the smaller topics started to fall into place, under one of the three categories. This was in May. Then, we started to transition from city to country, and here I am – back at it again.

How Goes It with You

How, may I ask, are you doing at achieving the goals you have set for yourself? Are you writing a book or painting a portrait? Are you writing songs or taking up a new hobby? Are you moving or changing jobs? Are you contemplating going back to school?

Whatever you are up to, I know you can do it. Sometimes, other things may get in the way; but when you want it bad enough, the time will show itself to you and you will know your next step.

Hang in there, and keep at it. You will succeed. Even if things take a little longer than expected, the end result is always what counts. Just keep at it, little by little, and you will get there. I did it once, and I will do it again. And you will do it, too.

Until next time, keep smilin’, keep laughing, keep loving, and keep doing what you feel called to be doing.

For information about my current book, HONOR ONE ANOTHER: The ABCs of Embracing Our Spirit Within, please visit my books page.

To follow me daily, find me on Instagram at @virginia.alice.crawford. Hope to see you there!

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    1. VirgSpeaks

      You are so welcome. I’m happy to hear you are stepping toward your goals, a little at a time. It sounds like you’re being successful at it, too. That’s great. Keep at it. You can do it! And thanks for commenting. I love hearing from my readers 🙂


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