Fully Relocated From City to Country

And just like that we are living retirement and country life (well, not really, lol). It’s hard to believe we are here – finally. Just this morning hubs asked me to pinch him. Is this real? Yes, it is.

For The Last Two Months

The last time I updated about our move from city to country we were at the end of August. The closing date on our city home had met an unexpected glitch and we were waiting on a new closing date. Since then, we have fully moved all of our belongings south, closed on our city house, and hubs has now been retired for three full weeks.

And just like that, you could say life has changed for us. But it was a long, hard journey; one of late nights packing boxes and weekends moving them south; weeks training current and new employees as we stepped out of the workforce; and days – still – wrapping our minds and hearts around a new way of life, as we still try to find a new routine.

What Is Next On Our Horizon

Sunset Vibes

Hubs & The Little Casita

As I write this blog update, hubs is taking a nap. In our finding of a routine for retirement, we are trying to treat Sunday as that day of rest, family, and leisure that we always dreamed it should be. So, hubs plans to get going on the completion of our small guest cottage – or little casita, as I like to call it – on Monday (tomorrow!).

There is still so much to do yet. Sure, the exterior walls are up and the windows are in, but that was just the first phase. The next step is getting the exterior walls sealed at the bottom where they meet the concrete. This is to reduce the entry of small creatures such as snakes, scorpions, and any other biting unknowns. When that’s done, hubs put on the roof. Then, he will hand it off to the professionals – electrician, plumber, interior wall design for insulation, sheetrock, and texture. Once the professionals have finished, we will take back over for the finishing touches such as cabinets, painting, and window treatments.

Dawn Rising

It is a process, and one that won’t be complete for some time. But one step at a time. This is all part of the journey, our life together – living in a dilapidated house, building our temporary living quarters, and eventually tearing down this over-a-hundred-year-old house and building a new one. We will get there eventually.

Me & My Writing Endeavors

When it comes to my writing life, I feel like I am all over the place. I am so desperately wanting to get my second book completed. However, not only are we still trying to get a new routine established and this place organized as a couple, a family, I am also trying to find my routine as a writer and self-published author. Not only are we constantly searching for cooking items, tools, or paperwork, but my time is being juggled between helping hubs, errands, and enjoying our new retirement life. Part of the struggle, also, is the difficulty in getting setup in a house that is only partially usable.

A Daily Walk

When I am not searching for something, I am on the computer – either with personal stuff or working towards the marketing of my first book. As I go along, I am trying to organize files and folders more efficiently. It turns out that in all the craziness of our working life that I let me, Miss Type-A Personality, become a mess of ‘nothing in the right place’ and ‘duplicates galore but still not in the right place’, lol.

In an effort to devote more time to writing, I have once again reduced my blog posts. I am taking a break from writing my marriage blog and my social media blog. Although only once per month, I have been producing a blog once a week. This is time I can be writing on my book instead. I will eventually take both blogs back up again, as I enjoy writing about these two topics too much to give up forever. In the meantime, I will keep my writing blog and healthfulness blog.

What Does the Future Hold

Although no one really knows what the future holds, we are hoping our little casita will be built and move-in ready by March 1. This is barring decent weather, of course. Between now and then, I will help hubs as much as I can and also focus on writing and self-marketing. The days have already proved to be full and each one different due to just the way life is right now.

The idea that I may need to get a job outside the home is still looming, as well. But I am hopeful that my first book will take off and start selling in a big way. That will make all the difference. To help make this happen, I am taking advantage of all sorts of opportunities from mentoring writers looking to publish a book for the first time to attending events featuring local authors.

Sunset With Clouds

Currently, I am focusing on a more efficient way of sending monthly newsletters. I am writing on my second book again – finally. And I am continuing to update and freshen my social media profiles as well as provide content including day-to-day life, writing inspiration, quotes, book reviews, and more.

Until My Next Blog Post

I will be participating in a local event at the end of next weekend and then out of town to visit my momma for my birthday. Sooo, I will do my writing blog post on the second weekend of November instead of the first weekend. And this is another reason I am not making as much progress I would like on my next book. I am having way too much fun being retired!

For information about my book, HONOR ONE ANOTHER: The ABCs of Embracing Our Spirit Within, please visit my books page.

To follow me daily, find me on Instagram at @virginia.alice.crawford. Hope to see you there!

Coming soon: a new way to sign up for my monthly newsletter….

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