Acceptance of Life Situations

So often we spend our lives searching for something else, something better, than where we are at. We work our whole lives to get to that dream in the distant future. And then, before we know it, here it is. Life has time-warped ahead, and here we are right dab in the middle of making happen what we have been dreaming about for years.

As I type, hubs and I are right in the middle of that major life change. We are making the transition from our current home to our retirement homeplace. This has been in the works for over two years and, by end of summer, will be complete. How nice it will feel to finally be where we have been hoping and dreaming of for so long!

To make this change, a lot of decisions have been made about certain things. It is not an easy move. We have been living in the same house for over nineteen years now. During this time, we have grown accustom to our routines that come with how it is arranged, and the little things we have set in place to be comfortable.

Once we complete our move, we will not have Internet and cable as we know it here in the city. We will not have a garage for me to enter into my vehicle and remain dry on my way to work and when I arrive back home. Already, in an effort to prepare, we have switched to livestreaming and given up many of the shows we used to enjoy. And, once moved, I will be traipsing out in the rain to wherever my vehicle is parked.

There are so many things going through my mind as I leave the job I have been at for over eighteen years and apply for employment close to where we will be living. There is so much that still needs done. The boxes still need packed. The one book still needs marketing and the next book still needs written. To remain focused, I must choose to take one week, and even one day, at a time.

Slowly, it will all come together. My part requires simple acceptance; acceptance that I am not in control of everything and that everything will work out, even if not in the way I want or hope. I must draw on my inner reserves and trust that my higher power will see me though.

There is no amount of fear or worry that will make the packing or job-hunting easier. I must simply accept that our move will be completed in just three to four months. There is nothing more I can do, but to keep doing what I am doing. Living one day at a time. Packing one box after another. Filling out and sending in one job application after another.

Little by little, our life situation will go from living in the city, with its fast pace, to living in the country, with a much wanted and appreciated slower pace. Acceptance of life situations is not always easy. Often, it is a bigger challenge than one every anticipated. But acceptance is the first step to becoming calm, focused, centered, and successful.

How are you dealing with your life situations? Are you accepting of them? Are you fighting them every step of the way? Are you becoming overwhelmed by them? What life situation is most affecting you? Have you tried meditating, focusing on what it is that needs done next? Sometimes, slowing down to the speed of life is exactly what any of us needs when facing any life situation. It helps to be more accepting of what we cannot control and take action in the areas we can control.

Wherever you are on your life’s journey, I hope and pray that you can slow down, focus, and figure out how acceptance can help you succeed in fulfilling the next chapter of your life. Sometimes, when the dust settles, we can be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. I’m almost there…just a few months to go…to find out how my acceptance of certain things has positively impacted our transition.

In an effort to make everything work in my life, I will be taking a break from blogging about acceptance for a few months. And so, with acceptance sometimes comes change. I will be using my Sunday writing time on the first and third Sundays of the month to write and edit my next book. Hopefully, by late fall, I will be back to check in with you and give you an update on our transition from city life to country life. In the meantime, let me leave with you this wonderful quote on acceptance….

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