When You Know, You Know

Celebrating 34 Years Since Our First Date

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you wonderful couples out there. It seems quite fitting to be writing about marriage on Valentine’s Day. In three days, hubs and I will celebrate thirty-four years since our first date. We usually combine both celebrations, opting for something different each year depending on our work schedules.

We first “met” in the fall of 1986, but it took us a while to get the courage up to ask each other out. We are both introverts and shy, which does not fair well when it comes to assertiveness in the dating realm. He first caught my attention upon hearing his laughter from across the office where I worked. I could tell that he knew how to have a good time and just relax. I needed both of these in my life.

A few months went by, in which I kept hearing how wonderful this particular man was, from co-workers, and how I should date him. It took a while before I realized this man was the same person I already had my eye on. Once it clicked, I considered what to do about “bumping” into him, getting to know him better, or just, basically, asking him out on a date. As you know, I am not the most patient of persons!

I Met The Man I’m Gonna Marry

For three working days before Valentine’s Day in 1987, I tried diligently to “bump” into him. I had decided that I would walk into his office and just flat out ask him to my place for dinner. But every time I walked by his office, he was either on the phone or there was someone meeting with him. I left work each evening disheartened at my failed attempts.

I had already made plans to drive south to visit my momma for the weekend. I needed time to think, or better yet strategize, so I eagerly headed out. When I arrived, she was making lunch, and I joined in helping her. I was happy to have something to do to keep my mind off my racing thoughts. We chatted and caught up on life since we saw each other last, and then I told her, “Momma, I’ve met the man I’m going to marry.”

She paused. Then, she ventured, “Oh, I didn’t know you had met anyone. How long have you been dating?” I replied with, “Oh, we aren’t dating yet, but I know he’s the one.” Then, of course, she wanted to know all the details about him and how I just knew he was the one.

And The Rest Is History

Once I got back to work on Monday, I tried again to “bump” into this evasive man that would one day be my husband. I left at the end of the day, once again disheartened, but also more determined than ever to make the next day The Day that I would ask him out. I kept asking myself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” He could say no, and that would be that.

The next day I tried a few times to catch him when he was free, but no luck. Finally, as the afternoon bared down on me, and the end of the day was coming to a close, I planted myself outside of his office. I waited, as one by one, workers left his office, and he took phone call after phone call. At one point his secretary stopped to chat with me. Once I heard that last click of his phone, I left his secretary in mid-sentence, turned, and marched into his office.

I was so nervous, but I started anyway, stuttering and all, to invite him to my place for supper the next evening. Before I could get my invitation halfway out, he had invited me to the Rodeo – that evening. I had to laugh. He said he had been trying to catch up with me for days, and he didn’t think it was going to work out. So, he was glad I had walked in. “And now, what was your question?” he asked.

This Wednesday we will celebrate, not at the Rodeo, but after an appointment with our tax accountant. Now, how’s that for married life? Lol.

Thank you for stopping in and taking time to read. There’s so much more to this little snippet of our life together, but I tried to keep it as concise as possible. One day, I will publish the essay I wrote, just a few years after our marriage, about how we met that includes our date night at the Rodeo and one or two interesting things about our story that I discovered that night.

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