What Does It Mean to Have Integrity?

As we were reminded three weeks ago, we are taught from when we are very young to have integrity. As we have grown, we are faced with the challenge of showing integrity in our daily lives – whether in our personal lives, school, or at work. When we dig a little deeper into what it means to have integrity, we can get nervous about the changes we may need to make in our life to be that person of integrity that we want to be.

Let’s start first by asking, what does having integrity mean to you?

When we look up integrity, we learn that integrity is the quality of being honest. It is having strong moral principles. It is being morally upright.

Old fence, trees.

Now, these definitions are definitely challenging. But before we start to panic because we aren’t sure if we can have integrity 24/7, let us first admit that we are all human. As much as any of us try our best to be as honest as possible, we are going to slip up in some way, whether because we want to protect someone from a truth or because we are afraid someone will not understand or accept us if they know a certain truth about us.

So, knowing that having integrity is a tenuous line to draw and follow, how can we be a person of integrity? How can we be honest without beating ourselves up when we fail to be or choose not to be for some unknown reason to others but valid to us? How can we be counted on to be a person of character and yet not constantly berate ourselves when we trip up and fail to be on time for an important meeting or forget to pick up what we promised we would?

Old fence, trees.

The key is to do the best we can. It is important to develop a basic personal integrity, and then do our best to stick with it. Then, when we are late, forget an errand, or fail to meet a deadline, we can recoup and try again next time. Being human means no one is perfect. We are allowed to make mistakes. We are allowed to forget things. We are allowed to fail from time to time – without losing face. The key to saving that face is owning up to our failings. Remember, being honest is to have integrity.

In my search for integrity, owning up to my part in things or admitting I was guilty of something was the best thing I could have learned. Sure, it was scary at first, but it was also freeing. So, I try to be brave enough to always be honest no matter what. The more I do it, the easier it is, and it will be for you, too, especially if this is something you might struggle with daily or from time to time.

Old fence, trees.

Having integrity means that we will figure out how to deal with certain situations in our life in a way that brings peace to ourselves and to those around us. There are many ways to learn more about doing this from having a trusted mentor, taking courses on self-development, finding a book that helps you figure out how to better navigate life.

If you are searching for more here on the subject of integrity, watch for my next segment in a few weeks. I plan to talk about how little white lies can erode away at integrity.

Old fence, trees.

This week, may we strive to be more upfront and honest. May we be a little less timid about owning up to who we are. May we have more integrity by being more truthful. And, may we be more okay with ourselves and our efforts of being persons of integrity. And, may we smile more, too.

Please feel free to comment on this post. I’m open to your thoughts and insights. Blessings.

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Next week’s blog will be on marriage.

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“Everyone makes mistakes, but only a person with integrity owns up to them.” —Nicole Guillaume

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