I love Fridays.

On Fridays, I usually get off work at noon. It is so freeing to have this privilege. I didn’t always get off work at noon. For most of my working life, I got off work on Fridays at five o’clock – just like any other day of the week. On my current job, a few years ago, I tried to get off work all day on Fridays. My boss’s reaction wasn’t exactly positive and was actually quite skeptical. Our compromise was that I could try leaving at noon, as long as I got my work done. And, if I could manage to get all my needed work done Monday through Thursday, then I could start taking off all day Friday. Well, I never managed to make that happen. I have a new boss now, and I’m sure I’ll never get off all day on Fridays. But, for now, I am happy getting off at noon.

So, what do I do with my free Friday afternoons. Half of the time I travel to our weekend place in my husband’s home town and the other half of the time I run errands or take a nap. I took a nap today. One hour of much needed rest. And, after waking and having a late lunch, I felt great.

My favorite Friday afternoons are when I head to our weekend place and I get a few hours all by myself. I take a nap; walk with my pup – if it’s nice out; or, write a letter to a friend, make notes, and/or work on my next book. It’s a few hours of bliss that cannot ever be captured again and however I use them, or lose them, is all up to me. It’s a very freeing feeling. I love every moment – from walking out of work to making the same drive to pulling up to our place to just being on my own.

Yes, I love Fridays.

Sunset Days

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