The Space Between

What happens in the space between each blog? What a reader sees is what a writer writes. But, most of the living happens in between the writing, out there somewhere, someplace. And, the living is what keeps a writer from writing more. Sure, it gives a writer more to write about. But, if a busy life is what a writer has, then the writing is less and the living is more. But, more of what? More of every day routine. More of a nine to five job. More of family and friends. More of this and that – like writing books and loving on a cute little cuddly pup like my Sammie-girl.

The cute little pup is a dedicated, loyal one, following me from room to room and being as patient as can be about it when my fingers are writing with pen on paper or clicking away on the keyboard instead of caressing her soft, shiny fur. I know the importance of loving my pup and showing her how much I love her. But yet, I must write and do all those things a writer does when not writing a blog or book or letter or texting a friend – like chores, fitness, and reading (must not forget reading).

So, how to spend more time with sweet Sammie-girl and not neglect her, for I know that she won’t be around forever. The solution I found is to write at sofa-level. Have laptop will carry. And, all becomes right in Sammie’s world.

Now, back to my world, and the space issue of time and what happens to keep a writer from blogging more often. Perhaps having a blogging date would be helpful. Writers write all the time. And, I certainly had time enough to write a book in a year. So, let’s see if I can leave less space between each blog that I post. Challenge on!

Until next time, I will be doing all that in between stuff like laundry, dishes, texting sisters and friends, updating social media, working my nine to five job, being a wife, mah, grammy, and loving pet-owner.

“Sammie the Inspector”

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