Monitoring Your To-Do Lists

The thing about to-dos is they never end. Amazingly, there’s always one more thing to do.

When I pulled this month’s to-do on Monday, August 1st, I was excited. When I saw “start working on Christmas cards,” I thought, yay, I can get a head start on the holidays. It will be a lot easier with this project halfway done by the time I get to the 1st of December.

But then, as I got in my Tuesday morning steps, I recalled how busy I am this month. I have a book to edit, a newsletter to build, website pages to update, and a new website page to build. And I have my grandchildren coming for a week. And you know what I do when my grandbabes visit? It’s all about them – except for stories, of course – bedtime (and I do IG stories only; no posts).

Now that I’m working full-time, hubs will be picking up my slack. Instead of “Grammy’s Back-to-School Summer Camp” going on, it will be “Grampy’s Farm & Camping Week” (lol). All kidding aside now, it does break my heart that I won’t be available for all the fun stuff we did last year: writing, drawing, acting, games (especially Scrabble), favorite and new movies, and the park. But I have Fridays off, so I’ll do my best to make up for it then with some special fun.

Besides (back to my to-do project), in this day of high postage and building a home, I’ve decided to take another month off from my Monthly To-Do Project and shelve this one until next year. Life is too short to be stressed out over something that should be helpful…and fun.

I also encourage you to evaluate your to-dos. What’s on your list that maybe doesn’t need to be there? What one thing can you give yourself permission to let go of or remove? Think about it. Our lists are our lists to do with what we choose. If an item no longer needs doing, cross it off your list. If it can be moved until later in the year, move it. C’mon, you can do this. I assure you, you will thank yourself later.

Now, instead, give yourself permission to do something that brings you joy. Go walking. Read a book. Watch a movie. Play with your children or grandkids. Go shopping or out to dinner with a friend. Or maybe even start writing that book you always wanted to. Or do yoga. Or spend an hour gardening. The sky’s the limit.

Whatever you decide, feel good about your to-do – either getting it done or deciding it doesn’t need done after all. Give yourself permission to enjoy your new free time, even if it’s a simple nap or foot bath.

Time is too valuable to be doing something that doesn’t serve a purpose right at this moment. Do something, one thing, anything that matters to you or someone else.

My new motto is to say NO to unnecessary TO-DOs. I encourage you to do the same thing. It’s time to take our lives back. Somehow, sometime ago, we listened to someone who told us all that being efficient and productive means staying busy, getting things done. Well, it’s time to stop doing something every minute of every day. Let’s learn to just relax and enjoy the moment.

Start today and monitor your to-do list. It may be the best thing you’ve decided to do in a while. I know I feel better already not starting our Christmas cards this year. And I have an idea doing them next year is a much better choice.

Stay tuned for more great ideas coming to you by On the Verge with Virginia Alice Crawford. Blessings to you for a wonderful weekend of downtime!

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