Writing From the Heart

It’s been a while since I have blogged about writing. If I don’t count my goal setting blog in early January, it’s been since November of last year, in fact. So I thought I’d share with you what my writing life’s been like since then and my thoughts on writing from the heart.

Sunrise Through the Trees

Writing On Thursdays

Since my last writing blog, I have decided to set aside a day, one day out of the week, just to make writing progress on my books and to write new articles. For me, this day is Thursday. Not only is it the day I was born on, it’s also the last full day of the week before I start slacking off for the weekend. I know, when you’re retired, the weekend can start earlier. Trust me, it’s nice when I let myself enjoy it and give myself permission to just relax.

In addition to setting aside one day for just writing, one of my writing goals is to treat my everyday writing life as if it’s a job. So, I do my best to start my writing and book-marketing tasks by nine each weekday morning. I take a morning break, lunch, and an afternoon break. And I try to end by five o’clock. On Fridays, I try to shut down by three in the afternoon; hubs and I have set Friday evenings aside as movie night.

Every week, since I started “just writing” on Thursdays, has been different depending on what else is happening with the building of our Little Casita, visits from family and friends, fitness efforts, and marketing my first book. There are times when I get started on my day as early as seven o’clock in the morning. While at other times, I can’t get started on a certain day until nine or ten in the morning.

What I love best about my new writing day is that no matter what happens, I strive to focus on my latest book on Thursday. Even if I need to juggle things around, my day for focusing on writing or editing my current book is Thursday. And, if for some odd reason, I have to really adjust things, I block out a minimum of three hours to write or edit my book on the day before or after.

Sunshine or Rain?

Tracking My Writing

Before I started writing on Thursdays, I was all over the place. I might write on my book or edit it on Monday afternoon one week, or Wednesdays all day the following week. Soon, it got to where I couldn’t see any direction. I couldn’t tell if I was making progress – because I was allowing other things to intrude on my writing time, no matter when I wrote or how often I wrote.

Now, on Thursdays, I can write with more structure and purpose. The best part is hubs knows Thursdays is for writing. If there is anything that needs to be done that week, that he needs my help with, it has to be planned out earlier in the week or on Friday. And, so far, so good. Thanks, hubs, for loving me and caring so much about my writing goals!

Earlier this week, I made a spreadsheet of all my published writings on my website and on HubPages – including my blog posts. I was surprised to learn that I’ve written over one hundred articles or essays. This is not counting all the articles I’ve written in the past which are currently packed away – including some still needing to be typed up.

Once our “little casita” is built and my new office is set up and ready to go, I’ll unpack those writings and organize them into some sort of order. It will be interesting to see if any can be published straight out or saved to be included in a possible anthology. And, yes, I can hardly wait to add them to my new spreadsheet. I got this idea from Allison K. Williams in her book, “Get Published in Literary Magazines.” You can find access to her book on my What I’m Reading “Books in 2022” webpage.

Farm Life

Narrowing My Topics

On my spreadsheet, I placed article/blog titles in categories. Once done, I could see that my topics ranged from everyday life, marriage, and values to fitness and wellness to social media, writing, and the miscellaneous subject. For awhile, I was wondering if I should narrow down my topics, or if I should just keep writing like I am – which is being inspired by what’s on my heart.

As I look at my topics and titles today, I’m encouraged to continue writing from my heart, my life experiences, and the inspirations which visit me each day. I’ll strive to be as authentic as I can, as I also continue to deal with writing for word count, SEO, or the latest hot topic.

Sunrises Are the Best

Writing In Love

The latest hot topic for me to write about is love. Love is not only my Word of the Year, it is my life word. I think about this all the time and how to write with more love in my heart. I consider how writing with more love from the heart can make a significant difference in the world. And I wonder how to affect a change in the lives of others with the love poured forth from my writings.

Do you think about those things when you sit down to write a letter, send a card, or work up your next writing project? Do you wonder if the person reading your words will feel the love you poured out in the thoughts you expressed? Can they see the love you have for them spilled out in the ink on your paper?

How to Write with Love

A good way for any reader of words to see the love in our writing is for us to simply write from the heart. When we sit down to write, we should pause. Is our mind free of stress? How do we feel about the person we are writing to, or about the project we are producing? Do we have all the writing tools we need? Are we comfortable? Will we be interrupted?

Often, writing with love, or from the heart, comes when we are in a good place. It does not come when we are stressed, upset, or tired. To write with the best of intentions, authenticity, and love, a person must be at their best. I have heard this – and experienced this. The difference in writing from our writing well full of love or depleted from stress is the difference when it comes to writing from the heart.

As you sit down to write, whether it’s another article or a letter to friend, always check the pulse of your writing well. Will the words flow from pen to paper straight from your heart spilling forth? Or will you need to coax them forth because your well is running dry? Make a writing appointment with yourself, just as I do on Thursdays, and practice setting up an atmosphere, or space, of peace, comfort, and joy.

As you write, let your heart lead. Think about your loved one or your project. What makes them or it so special? Why do you want write? Is there something specific you want or need to say? As the words start to pour out, continue thinking positively. Let love guide you as you write from your heart. And, if you ever find the words aren’t flowing like you’d like, follow some of your own library of tips to finish your letter or project – or some of the ones from the list included with this blog.

Mostly, take the stress off of yourself. Unless you are on a deadline, most writing can be done anytime. Well, unless like me, you are an overachiever who loves to get started early and set writing schedules. But, ultimately, we can all do our writing at a time that’s best for us – daily, weekly, and psychologically. We just need to give our self some selfcare and permission for our writing projects to be anything we want, need, and dream them to be.

Writing from the heart means writing from a place of authenticity in a voice that is ours alone to a world that may not hear our words but are there for the reading nonetheless. The ways we achieve our writing – whether at a desk or in a coffee shop, or with a pen or a pencil or a keyboard, or by tracking our writings – is all individual. Write from your heart. Sports? Write from your heart. The arts? Write from your heart. Values? Write from your heart.

So, where do I go from here? I’m not sure. I’ll definitely strive to submit articles for HubPages on a weekly basis. I’m also considering writing for magazines again – yes, and for at least the fourth time in my writing life. I’m definitely finishing the eight to ten books I have started. And, I’m considering the teaching of writing and journaling to youth again.

Wherever my writing journey takes me, I’ll be…writing from the heart. And I hope you will be, too. Trust yourself, your inner writing spirit to lead you to your next writing project with passion and love from the heart.

Sun Coming Through the Fog

Until next time, keep smilin’, keep writing, and keep lovin’,….

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Author’s Note: All photos in this blog and most of my other blogs are taken by me, unless otherwise noted. I’m a self-proclaimed amateur photographer. Photography is one of the many things I aspire to. I love capturing beautiful scenes, but I have no patience for learning the intricacies of being a professional photographer. Just some FYI about me – a love of scenic photography…a lack of patience for certain things – even though I do love learning about many other things. Enjoy!

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