Love Is A Verb

Do you dream about love? About having more in your life? Do you wonder what it’d be like to soak up love every day and not doubt anyone’s love for you?

Sunset Days

Some years, we are blessed to have more love than we can hold in our hearts. And, in other years, we cannot think of a single person we can count on to love us just as we are.

Of course, a lot of times, love is all about mindset. But if we take ourselves out of the equation and just think about how loves fits into our life, I am pretty sure we will be amazed by how much love we really do have to bask in, and to share with others.

When I think of love, I think of all the people I have known from the time I was born. I imagine what it would be like to have all the love I’ve experienced with all these amazing people – from my parents and siblings to friends to my husband and even my pets – all in one place: my heart.

I know. I’m a dreamer. And I dream of a life with love, pure and unconditional love, in it. Never-ending love. The kind of love any of us wants. That no strings attached, all-encompassing, and endless love.

I used to be made fun of for being a dreamer. Imagine the ribbing I’d get if only these well-meaning persons knew what I was really dreaming about.

What are some ways we can have more of this wonderful love in our lives?

First, I think, we could look at love as a verb rather than a noun. Sure, love describes an emotion that describes how we feel about others. But love also does for others.

So what are some ways we can have more love in our life? I have found several things work for me. Maybe they also work for you. Let’s see….

Sunrise Glory

Celebrate Others

One of the best ways to feel more love is to give more love. By celebrating others, we show them appreciation and further cement our bonds.

Give Compliments

When we praise others, we create warmth in their overall psyche – and ours. Just think about how we feel when someone gives us a compliment. Then, be sure your words are true. Honesty is what bolsters our love for another, that feeling of trust in a relationship.

Lend A Helping Hand

Be at the ready to help others. Many people won’t ask for help due to either pride or not wanting to be a bother. So, always be ready to help someone. When they see it’s just who we are, they will be more receptive to being helped without complaint or embarrassment.

Overlook Offenses

It’s so easy, as humans, to be peeved when someone slights us. But, most of the time, many don’t even realize they have done anything wrong. I have found it helpful to pick my battles. If I realize the incident is out of the norm, I go about my happy self and wish the best for the other person that their day gets better. If the offenses continue from the same person, then it might be time for a heart-to-heart chat.

Practice Peace

By practicing peace, not just in general but in personal relationships, we leave more room in our heart for love. Yes, it could be said by not taking a stand on some things, we are choosing complacency. This is not about taking sides. This is about love. When we love, sometimes there is no choosing.

Smile Often

Keep smilin’. I knew someone who’s signature phrase was ‘keep smilin’. It always made me feel good to hear it. I smiled for the rest of the day. And I grew to appreciate this man and his sweet two-word phrase. He is passed away now, but I will always remember him – and smile when I think of him and the lasting legacy he gave me and others.

Be Happy

This goes hand-in-hand with my last one. Be happy. When we choose to be happy, we can experience more love in our life. By being happy and experiencing more love for ourselves, we have more love to give away or pass on to others.

Embrace More

And last but not least, embrace your loved ones more. Yes, hug. Oh, sure, this pandemic has put a screeching halt to so many things, especially hugging others in times of joy or grief. But most of us are vaccinated now. Use caution, of course, but don’t withhold an embrace because of fear. Hug people. Share your love.

And there you have it. My eight ways to have more love in life. Are there any others you would add? Please feel free to share. Or write your own blog listing your ways to have more love in this world. Someone out there is looking for more love. Some desperately, and others may not know they need more love in their life yet. Your words could be just what they need to make them think about loving more – like a verb, not a noun.

Amazing Skies

Advocate For Love

You might wonder why I’m such an advocate for love. Here’s a bit of my love history:

Brought Up On Love

I was not have been born in a traditional family. My parents were in an arranged marriage (I know, hard to believe), but they loved me. And they showed me they loved me.

My daddy cared for me dutifully for the first entire year of my life. This included bathing me, washing my dirty diapers (there were no pampers back then), and rocking me to sleep. This all according to my momma, of course, who only got to hold me when it was time to nurse.

My momma was only fifteen years when she had me, with seven more children after me, one year right after the other. And not once did she think about leaving us. She always went out of her way to make holidays special for us, even when she wasn’t feeling her best.

God of Love

In my formative years, I was raised to believe that I was a child of God. Yes, there was controversy about if God was a God of fire and brimstone or a God of love. But I believed God is love. For me, it was that simple. It made more sense to me. The more I loved, the happier I was.

In those weak moments, when I let fear or doubt get the best of me, the less I felt God near me. It was just a matter of time for me to learn that the more I loved and believed in a God of love, the more love there was to be had by me and others – and for others.

Siblings and Friends

Over the years, I have had countless friends. Relationships are not always easy. They can require work. Some need lots of attention, while others need less care. So many of my friendships have not stood the test of time. I like to believe, though, we were there for each other when the timing was right for us to enjoy and experience what life – and love – had to offer us.

Today, I am blessed to love and be loved by those who appreciate me and recognize my worth in their lives as we are at this moment in time. This includes sisters and a brother, who I consider good friends, and close friends who I am happy to call my sisters.

Hubs and Kids

I am especially blessed with the love of a good man. Hubs sees me at my worst and chooses to love me in spite of or due to my imperfections. Our kids – our son, his wife, and their two children – are the icing on the cake for me.

I cannot imagine my life without these five amazing individuals. I am always wrapped in mega-love when in their presence.

Bonding Pups

Pets Are Family Too

Life was so quiet before Sammie and especially peaceful before Max landed on the scene. But I cannot imagine our life without our furry kids. Pets add an extra element of love. There is only love in their hearts and in their eyes. They are happy if you give them treats or if all you do is pet them. Pets are love in action.

And there you have it. A life spilling over with love.

No, I don’t always appreciate it. Like many others, I take the love – and Loves in my life – for granted. But I continually look toward ways to be proactive in acknowledging the love I’m blessed with and in showing more love to others.

My constant motto is “people before things.” It reminds me that my writing can wait. Chores can wait. Whatever else that is not relationship-driven can wait.

So I choose to make time for others. I help hubs with projects. When my grandbabes come to visit, I preplan my social media posts and spend my time with them playing games, watching movies, or being in the great outdoors together.

Glorious Beauty

How do you show love for your loved ones? Is love only an emotion to you? Or is love a verb, an action, always doing and showing for others? Tell me in comments below.

In the meantime, Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, if you have a sweetie. If not, I hope you show yourself some love today in a special way – whether it’s a nice meal, time outdoors or with friends, or doing something you enjoy like art, reading, or writing.

Until next time, keep on living, keep on loving, and keep on smilin’….

Lotsa love in action (like a verb),


PS. In addition to John Mayer’s song, “Love is a Verb,” DC Talk, one of my favorite Christian rock groups, has a song called, “Luv is a Verb.”

4 thoughts on “Love Is A Verb

  1. Beth Villarreal

    Thank you for this reflection, Virginia!! It ressonnated deeply with me – who I am, the work I do, and how I try to live my life. I wanted to share with you somethings one of my students and I found as we were looking for a name to call a new ministry at UIW. We decided to call it Agapao Ministries….Agapao, the verb form of agape, “expresses the purest, noblest form of love, which is volitionally driven, not motivated by superficial appearance, emotional attraction, or sentimental relationship. (MacArthur, John: 1 & 2 Thessalonians. Moody Press). Another source we found was from Regent University

    You truly identified what love is and help us go deeper than what the noun provides in its limited definition. So, thank you. Much love and many blessings to you and your beautiful family.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. VirgSpeaks

      Thank you, Beth, for reading, your kind words, and the wonderful resources.

      I have bookmarked the Regent University link and look forward to seeing how your new Agapao Ministries at UIW develops.

      Much love to you and yours and Happy Loving always,



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