A Winterized-Fitness Routine

And just like that, we are two thirds of the way through the month of January. Am I on target for all of my goals: especially fitness? You bet. Okay, well, maybe not all of them. But I’m trying, and that is what’s important. Each step forward is success.

How are you doing with your fitness goals? Are you achieving at least one of them? Are you like me and found out that what works for warm weather is not what works for cold weather? Yep, I’ve had to adjust my exercise routine, as I don’t care for floor routines right now.

If it is a cold day outside, and I mean coooold, then it’s even colder inside. We don’t have central heat; and in this dilapidated house, with poorly insulated windows and cracks in the walls (and in the floorboards under the carpet, I’m sure), well, it gets pretty darn cold. Brrrr!

A winter day; looking at my future office.

Adjusting for Weather

The key is to consider what exercises can be done, and benefitted better from, in colder temps.

As I read my morning reflections yesterday, I realized I can still enjoy my fitness – even on the coldest of days. My workouts will just need to be different. I can walk in place, do squats, and go for quick walks. I can do what works in this season of winter, right here in this moment (instead of still trying to do my summer workouts). And that’s okay.

For Christmas, hubs gifted himself a new pup. Little did I realize I’d be helping with this new companion of his, then six-week-old Mountain Cur-Catahoula Dog mix. He was small when we got him, but still taller than our long-haired mini Dachshund, Sammie.

Max and Sammie.

We’ve had Max now for just four weeks, and he has tripled in height and doubled in weight. Can you see my eyes bug out? If he’s like his dad (Mountain Cur), his head will reach as high has hubs’ chest. If he’s more like his mom (Catahoula Dog), he will only get above my knees. Can you guess what I’m hoping for?

The bonus in all this is, when I walk, I usually walk twice. First, with Sammie-girl, if we can manage to get out of the front door quietly. Then, again, once Max discovers we’re out and about without him. The downside is I have to put him on a leash – as he’s still learning to stay with us on our walk and to not over-tackle Sammie. The upside is I’ve lost three pounds in four weeks. Something I tried to do all summer and fall!

Same Goal, New Outlook

As I have probably mentioned in previous posts, I prefer to do morning calisthenics to start my day. In this cold, dilapidated house, that hasn’t been happening for at least two weeks. An additional drawback is I prefer comfortable workout clothes rather than being bundled up in layers like the Michelin man or the Pillsbury dough boy (eyes bugging out here again!).

In reality though, with Max to deal with, I’m more like the marathon man or Robin – the boy wonder. I just need to keep in mind that my ultimate goal is to move my body for optimum health. Once I do that, then I can deal with the extra layers and missing some of my preferred forms of fitness.

Some of my workout equipment, and my new weights.

As I considered further about achieving fitness goals in cold weather, I made a mental list of my options. I realized I can focus on upper and lower body workouts with my “new” weights. Last weekend, our son brought me their nice, but retired, set of weights. And I’m eager to start using them.

I can also walk in place and do other aerobic activity, like my favorites: burpees, walkouts, and jump squats, which don’t require getting fully on the cold floor (even if it is carpeted, and I have a yoga mat).

What is your winter workout routine? How do you deal with the cooler temps? Please share in comments.

Mindset Makes A Difference

The more I considered my new plan, the more I wondered if I’m just trying to do too much this month. I’m heavily into two personal filing projects, writing of book two, marketing book one, and my reading goals. Perhaps, I need to scale back a bit?

And so, I have decided it’s time I give myself permission to ease up on some things, so I can be sure to stay on top of my fitness goals. Instead of fearing I’ll be too cold to get up and move, I can focus on doing some type of movement when I’m up and about tackling chores or prepping meals.

Fitness Goal-setting for the Cold

So, let’s review what can be done when going from warm-weather workouts to cold-weather workouts:

  • Replace long walks with more frequent short walks (with or without pets)
  • Do aerobic-type workouts rather than floor workouts (unless the floor is warm)
  • Focus on upper body weight-lifting and lower body (standing, weights optional)
  • In place of outdoor runs/powerwalks, use a treadmill, stair-stepper, cycle, or elliptical
  • Stay hydrated (it’s easy to forget in colder temps).

What are your suggestions? Am I missing anything that could benefit anyone else who doesn’t have central heat? Or who usually gets their fitness done in the great outdoors – on sunny days?

Same winter day; our “Little Casita” still in progress.

Looking Ahead

Personally, being the country-and-summer girl that I am, I’m looking forward to spring temps. My goal is to get back to walking for longer timeframes (with or without pets). I’m wanting a stronger core, slimmer hips (less saddlebags, to be exact), and more agility.

I know it’s about making healthy habits of not just eating right, but also moving right and moving more. Can I do it? Sure, with a great mindset, fitness friend support, and stick-to-itiveness.

And, as usual, I will continue striving to make fitness a priority, to be done at the first part of my day (when I’m fresh) instead of the last part of the day (when I’m more inclined to meet a certain writing or reading deadline).

What are your fitness goals for now, winter-time, and for anticipating the warmer temps of spring?

Whatever your goals – healthier healthiness, weight control, stamina or agility, I wish you success.

It’s not always easy to get fitness in – on busy days, travel days, or under-the-weather days. But it’s always worth getting back on track – even on cold, winter days.

The body craves movement, feeling better, and being stronger. May all of these be yours – today and always!

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