Book Update: Valid Distractions

I have decided on the first Sunday of each month to provide my second book update and share my valid distractions (and maybe not so valid). What am I up to? What is keeping me from writing? What is helping me be more productive? I hope you will enjoy and find my updates of value to you – either as a writer, blogger, or new friend.

When I was writing my first book, I was recovering from a few minor surgeries for mole removal. I had more sedentary time on my hands. I was able to devote time to writing, setting up my LLC, getting important things done like my ISBN and LCCN numbers. I was able to be fully involved with all the editing required to get my book published.

Then, when the pandemic hit toward the latter third of my process, I had even more time on my hands. My writing and editing was not affected negatively by it in the least. Yes, I still went into work every day as I was considered an essential part of everyday operations. But since visiting, shopping, and going out to eat was limited, my evenings and weekends were spent on my book.

Now, compare that to my second book. I was confident that I could get it written in much less time, as I would not be having to wait on an LLC or a company name or anything else to slow down my progress. I did not anticipate hubs announcing right before the pandemic hit that we would be retiring in eighteen months.

So then, speed ahead about ten months and me realizing that I needed to switch gears from author mode to let’s get moved mode. Add self-marketing of my first book into the equation. Little did I realize how much time it takes to self-promote a book. And so, well, my second book is still in progress. Or perhaps I should say at a standstill.

I spent some time in March and April mulling over what I needed to do to get it finished. I decided that I needed to spend less time self-marketing and blogging, and more time writing my book. I made some adjustments and spent the first weekend in May organizing pages, adding more content, and clarifying the flow better.

However, sadly, I have not made much progress from that point on. I could say, that at work my energy was spent training new hires and, that at home, my energy was spent packing up a house and preparing to put it on the market. But the truth is that I love to write. I love to share ideas. I love to inspire others. And, well, here I am…blogging.

We now have a contract on the house and I am living at our new homeplace. Life is great here in the country. I am enjoying early morning and late evening walks. I have time to catch up on paperwork that was getting behind. And I am trying to find some sort of new employment for myself for the next six to nine years.

Instead of taking time to write my book though, I was helping our son build our little casita or what will eventually be our guest cottage once our new home is built. I have been taking time to learn how to be an online freelance graphic design artist. I have also been traveling to the city at least once a week to bring more of our belongings south.

Despite all this, I believe my writing hours will become attainable once we are fully transitioned from city to country life. Once we are living in our new little casita fulltime, and not traveling back and forth, I will have the time – and energy – I need to focus on writing: blogging, freelancing, and finishing the writing of my book. What do you think? Do you believe this is true, too?

It’s been said, if you envision it, it will happen. I pray constantly about it. I send positive vibes into the great unknown. I trust that my higher power, God above and God in me, is fulfilling all that is good for me. I believe my purpose in life will be more fully revealed as I live out life in this new homeplace of ours. And I believe that my writing will continue to be inspired and published in ways I can only imagine for now.

So what are you up to? Are you reaching your fullest dreams? Are you living the vision you have for yourself? If so, keep at it. If not, what is holding you back? Are you letting others talk you into something else? Are you letting societal fears keep you from pushing forward? Whatever it is, write it out. Look at it in black and white. Then, do just one thing to get you on your way to living that truer path of Y-O-U.

And with this, I will close off. By the time I bring you another writing update on my book, I promise that I will have made at least a little more progress on my second book. Take care and go do what you feel your heart of hearts is calling you to do next. Blessings.

Next week’s blog post will be on marriage. See you then. Blessings!

For information about my first book, please visit my books page.

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