Thirty-three Years & Counting

On July 2, hubs and I celebrated the big three-three. It was a unique day in which we received word from our realtor that we had some offers on our house for sale. It had just went on the market on June 30 and had three offers by the following day. Now, is that cause for celebration or what?

I have been living at our new homeplace since June 28, and hubs is still in the big city working. When we finally got a chance to discuss the offers, we had a good idea which offer we would accept. Later in the evening once hubs arrived from the city, and over a phone conference with our realtor, we eliminated one offer. The other two we wanted to further consider and agreed to let her know the next morning.

When I texted our realtor the following morning, the offer we chose was not the one we were first leaning toward. We accepted the mid-range offer. It was a good and fair offer, and it felt good to accept it. The rest of my day was spent smiling and thanking God for such a wonderful blessing.

When I think about all that hubs and I have been through to get to this point, I am profoundly grateful. I am grateful that we made it through the early years; those learning how to communicate with each other. I am grateful that we made it through the mid-years; those that seemed long and plodding for all the monotonous day-in, day-out work life.

And I am forever grateful for coming to my senses that the world does not revolve around me, and that in order for our marriage to survive, I would need to do two things. I would need to learn to work as a team/partnership. And I would need to grow individually on my own without needing approval from hubs, or anyone else for that matter. For our marriage to survive, I would need to be less needy and more confident of who I am, where I came from, and where we were heading.

Today, I believe we have made it….even though, technically, we are still not fully relocated. But we are doing what we have always done. We are tag-teaming it. And we are supporting each other.

Hubs has returned to the city to work. And I have remained behind to do the things that need to be done here like clean up this dilapidated house. Yes, someone has to do it.

Thankfully, I am not afraid of spiders or much else. Well, as I have said before, maybe coyotes. I hear them in the distance on our last outdoor walk of the night, and I tell my Sammie-girl that she had better get a move-on before they discover she is out and about. Lol.

I also need to find a job. Technically, my vacation pay has ran its course and it is time to get serious. And so, here I am doing my part to keep our marriage balanced and stick to the plan.

As far as I am concerned, the plan is still in progress. Just picture me winking and smiling. And hubs? Well, he is napping. Sammie-girl, too.

Weekly blogs on marriage are usually posted on the second Sunday of each month.

It must have been a dream…as I cannot locate my comment anywhere right now. But…my desired plan is to start writing a blog about wellness. Yes, wellness. Not just physical, but mental, emotional, physiological, etc. I am not an expert, by any means. However, I love inspiring people and have always enjoyed trying to be fit and healthy. Being fit is different for each and every one of us. Whatever it is for you, I hope to inspire you to be your best.

Next scheduled topic will be on fitness, health and/or well-being on the third Sunday of the month.

Remember to check out my book, “HONOR ONE ANOTHER: The ABCs of Embracing Our Spirit Within.” Please visit my books page, my Amazon author page,, or find it on Barnes & Noble. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who has gotten a copy for yourself or for a friend. You are awesome!

And thank you for reading my blogs. Please continue to be safe out there

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