As One Chapter Ends

It is a fifth Sunday…and time to update you, my readers, on what is happening in my life and affecting my writing. My last update was actually the first weekend of the month AND of the year. I introduced you to my new way of tackling resolutions – with my to-do box. I also mentioned hubs and I are moving this summer to his hometown, and leaving jobs we have been at for over eighteen years. I also determined I would blog each Sunday on four topics: Integrity, Marriage, Acceptance, and Social Media.

Life has a way of dictating what a person will manage to get done, and what they will have to let go of in order to keep balanced. My to-do project has me at number eleven which I pulled on April 20. Is it done? No, I have not even begun to tackle it. I do expect to get the remaining six to-dos done by June 30. Why? Because we will be putting our house on the market by mid-June. This means all my to-dos will get done before that point. Yes for deadlines!

In April, in an effort to devote more time to writing my second book and marketing my first, I decided to let go of blogging on the first and third Sundays. In fact, I was successful in devoting the entire first weekend of May to writing on book number two. The third weekend not so much. Instead, I used it to do necessary paperwork and pack more boxes, boxes, boxes. I think I am starting to dream about being a box, lol. Surely, that is safer than being a cylinder or a ball?

Today was my Despedida (farewell) at the church which I have worked and worshiped at just one month shy of eighteen and a half years. When I went to work there, I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I had done newsletters and layout and design for a good twenty years already and had worked with databases before, but a weekly bulletin was different. The work was demanding but versatile. Not once did I get bored. And you know how I hate being bored!

I always say, “plan to be surprised,” when talking about life. I sure was surprised when my kids and grandbabes showed up to join in this milestone of a celebration. I was so touched, I cried. I have never felt more loved and appreciated by them than at that moment. My heart ran over with love and gratitude. It was like a dream, floating on a cloud, and swimming in a sea of love, all at the same time.

After Mass and a small reception of tearful hugs and goodbyes from many parishioners and friends, I was treated out to my favorite restaurant, Pappasitos. Thankfully, I did not suffer too much from my food allergies. I made sure to drink plenty of water and unsweet tea, and took a nap when we got home. Before the kiddoes all left, our son looked at a to-do project for me. After talking it over, I think I can tackle it myself, leaving him free to help his dad with the exterior work of painting and replacing window trim boards.

Our realtor visited this past week and will return next week with a stager and more ideas. I have spent the last two days pulling out more small furniture, removing more frames off the walls, and packing up more nicnacs from the fireplace mantel and kitchen window sill. Everything is becoming less and less around here. Next weekend, I will be removing most of the curtains. It is called de-personalizing. It is also about letting in as much light as possible, making the space look brighter…and feel bigger.

Mentally, I am notating all that still needs to be done and in what order. I am also wondering all sorts of things. Will we be able to get everything done in time? Will what we are doing be enough to sell this place? Will we get to make more trips south to take more boxes to our new homeplace? It’s been raining a lot lately, and I do not like to travel in rainy weather. Plus, it limits what I can put in the truck bed. So much to think about, to plan around, and to hope for – including if I will get a day job soon, too soon, or not at all….

The next fifth Sunday will fall in August. By then, all this wondering will be a thing of the past. Hopefully, our house will have sold and the few weeks off, before a new job, will feel like the vacation I have been needing. June 3 will be my last work day, leaving me time to pack, repair, and clean. As this chapter of my life closes, I look to the future with the anticipation of a slower pace of life, more writing time, and a surprise new day job.

See you in two weeks when my topic is on Marriage – subtopic to be determined.

As always, I encourage you to check out my first book, “HONOR ONE ANOTHER: The ABCs of Embracing Our Spirit Within.” It is affordably priced, and can be a treat to yourself, a gift for a special someone, or one for a study group or book club.

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Thank you and have a blessed day, and please continue to be safe.

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