Welcome to 2021

And just like that we are into the new year. Do we feel any different? Are we planning new goals? Have we made a list of new year’s resolutions? Or perhaps, we are trying something different this year.

Bright blue sky

Instead of new year’s resolutions, I am trying a new way of tackling to-dos. I just learned it from a cousin I’m connected with on Facebook. She gave up making new year’s resolutions a few years ago. Now she makes notes of twelve tasks, chores, or ideas that she can finish in less than a month. She folds each one and places them in a jar. On the first of each month, she opens the jar and takes one out.

Rather than twelve items, I have made a list of sixteen. Since my husband and I are preparing to move in the coming year, I am hoping this interesting take on accomplishing tasks will help me to knock out what needs done before we move. Already I have cleared out my craft closet and moved the accumulated boxes from my “fitness room” to that closet. Now, the fitness room is an open area of free and clear space allowing me to resume yoga again.

Room full of boxes
Bedroom conversion to fitness room

Tomorrow morning I will pull a note out of, in my case, a pretty box and make mental plans on how to tackle it before January 31. If I finish it easily, I will pull another to-do and try to complete it before the end of the month. Imagine how accomplished I will feel when I get all sixteen items done by the time we move.

Pretty round box

I was already done with the fitness room task before making my list, otherwise I would have counted it toward this new and neat way of tackling projects. Since I have also decided that my word of the year is “Integrity,” I cannot stretch the truth or tell a little white lie. It would be so easy to cheat to feel more accomplished, but I know putting this new method into practice will bring its own rewards.

Before Christmas, I indicated in my last blog of the year that I would take the holidays off from blogging. My plan was to use the time wisely, and I did as much as time allowed. I reached out to the members of my writer’s group and connected with most of them on Instagram. I sent out my first official newsletter. I researched how to publish my book on NOOK (Barnes & Noble). And, last but not least, I signed up for LinkedIN Learning (previously Lynda.com) and am currently learning about SEO (search engine optimization).

During my time off from blogging and half of my normal social media posting, I decided on my word of the year, my to-do project, readjusted my fitness and writing goals, and the topics I will blog about this year. My topics will be social media, marriage, integrity, and acceptance. I’m not particularly an expert on any of these, but they resonate with me for different reasons. And I’d like to share with you what may be inspiring, insightful, or resourceful to you.


Because my focus this year will be moving from one home to another, I will only blog once a week rather than twice. I will alternate my topics. For months with five weeks, I will give an update on what is happening with our move and my books. It is my hopes that those of you who tune into read my writing will find each blog useful. It is also my hopes that your new year is everything you hope it to be. Already mine is off to a good start. May yours be as well.

Please remember my book, “HONOR ONE ANOTHER: The ABCs of Embracing Our Spirit Within.” Affordably priced, it is a good investment if you are looking to be inspired in the new year.

A preview of my book can be found on my books page, or you can find it on Amazon by typing my full name, Virginia Alice Crawford, into their search bar. You can also visit amazon.com/author/virginia.alice.crawford. Be sure to click on All Formats for both e-book and soft cover options.

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