At Day’s End

Every morning we wake up with the idea that we will accomplish our to-do list for that day. But at day’s end, how many of us can say that we achieved all of our goals? Can we say that we got all of our errands done? Did we make all of our calls or send all of our texts? Did we get that long put off chore done and scratched off the list? Did we send that thank you note to our relative for their thoughtful gift received yesterday? Or, did we fail to get even halfway done with everything we wanted to tackle?

We commend ourselves for what we got done, thinking how good it is to have those things off our list. But we shake our head at what we did not achieve, and think to ourselves how we could have done much better. And so, as our head hits our pillow, we mentally tick off what on our unfinished list will go on tomorrow’s list.

Sometimes though, what we get done is enough. There is no beating ourselves up for not accomplishing it all. Or, there shouldn’t be. Because, at day’s end, all that matters is if we were kind to our boss, co-worker, or employee. If we were not initially, all that matters is if we apologized and tried to mend the damage. All that matters is if we greeted our family or friends with a warm smile or sweet hello. All that matters is if we petted our pet and gave them a treat or took them for a walk.

Too often we get caught up in the busyness of the day and forget about what truly matters. And, what is that you may ask? Well, what truly matters is the love in our heart for mankind. What truly matters is the life we are building for our family in offering for the life they are giving us. What truly matters is the friendship that we give to those who have no friends and the quality of relationship we give to those that we call friends. What truly matters is what we stand for, what we believe in, and what or who it is we would lay down our life for.

Sometimes we forget, in all our hurriedness of this life, that it is not about the hours we put into our jobs but the effort we invest into each day we are there that matters. We forget that it’s about the smiles, hugs, and waves we happily to give others that matter rather than the obscure look, offhand smile, or casual glance as we hurriedly check off yet another personal or business task. What matters most is the time we take to pause and listen to our unexpected visitor, the passion we give to our projects, and the moments we enjoy being in the very same space as our loved ones.

When was the last time you paused long to question your to-do list? What on that list is so important that it has to get done today? What on that list cannot wait until you have called your mom or dad? What on that list can be put off until after you have read to your little one their favorite bedtime story? What cannot wait until you have spent time in this moment doing something you enjoy?

Whether you love listening to music or the sound of your child’s voice, take time right now to listen. Whether you enjoy reading or watching a favorite movie with the special person in your life, consider putting down your list now and doing so. What on your list is keeping you from calling your best friend to see how they are, to check-in, to listen to their day? Is there anything else that your to-do list of achievements might be keeping you from?

At day’s end, the only things that will matter is that you loved and experienced joy, and that you took time to share that love and joy with someone else. This is what will always matter most at the end of anyone’s day…or it should.

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