October Days & Fitness

October days. Now, these are the days that bring a fresh wave of nostalgia to the air. Hot summer days are a thing of the past, and cold winter days are not quite here yet. It’s time to slow down and watch the leaves fall, wave at everyone…well, since we can’t really see smiles right now, and consider how to spend 31 days just enjoying the month of October.

During October, we can find ourselves either walking in the cool, crisp morning air or only dreaming we are. Instead, if we can, we might just cover back up and catch a few more winks, before having to turn off the alarm clock and then crawl slowly out of bed and toward the shower.

October is the month I usually start to get re-motivated about fitness. I’ve done it for several years now. One October I even joined a gym in the hopes of becoming more in-shape. That, like all the other times, didn’t last long. I would forget something and have to run home to shower. After awhile, I decided doing yoga and lifting weights at home was more time-saving. Before I knew it, I was saving a lot of time by doing all of my fitness at home.

The one thing I missed most, though, about going to the gym was swimming laps. I would arrive early so I’d be able to enjoy at least a quarter or third of the pool. I would allow myself twenty minutes to free swim, do laps, or water ballet, all depending on how many others were in the pool. Then, I’d “suit up” and do my weight workout. I love lifting weights. I can feel myself getting stronger each time. And, I especially like working out at the gym. There’s a sense of comradery. Everyone else is trying to achieve similar goals…toning, weight loss, strength, agility. And, no one is judging because we’re all in this together.

Over time, getting up extra early on cold winter days to walk across a windy, cold parking lot had me resorting to alternating days. Then, I found that I quite enjoyed the time I’d save by just exercising at home. Eventually, staying home to workout won out altogether, and life at the gym continued on without me.

It is my hopes that these October days bring better success than in years past. Already, I’m taking my pup, Sammie, for short walks. Okay, that probably doesn’t count. But, I like to count any form of exercise, no matter what it is, even packing up our house. Done in place of my normal calisthenics, I see all that twisting, reaching, bending, lifting, and carrying as a form of fitness.

So, how about you? What does October mean for you? Do you take up fitness, too? Do you hike or jog in the cool, autumn air? Or, are you a baker, test-baking new recipes for the holidays? Do you open the windows and doors, like my husband does, and let the fresh breeze in?

I hope, whatever you do, that this October brings a renewed sense of peace and calm to your life. During these October days, may you take up something new, maybe hiking in the great outdoors, or photographing fall flowers or sunsets, or playing frisbee with a new friend. And, mostly, may you take time to just enjoy the cooler, lazy days of October, however, you want to enjoy them. Hot chocolate. A good book. Yoga. A new movie or an old favorite.

Finally, let any fitness that you do, bring you joy and a renewed sense of your whole self. Let it energize you, and let it calm you. October days are for slowing down and enjoying the crisp mornings, cool evenings, and whatever else brings you that nostalgic feeling of love and peace, whether it be indoors all cozied up or outdoors experiencing nature.

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