Plan To Be Surprised

Yes, this title is from the movie, “Dan In Real Life” starring Steve Carrell. Before this movie, I didn’t even know who Steve Carrell was, but I knew that I loved the message of the movie. Plan to be surprised.

The thing about life is that everything is always changing. You start out your day expecting it to go one way, and instead it turns out completely different.

I’ve known people over the years that take their days as they come and can adjust to anything that comes their way. I’ve also known people who get bent out of shape by the slightest thing, and their day just keeps going downhill from there. I bet you know both kinds of people in your life, too.

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be that person who smiles and says, what the heck, let’s just do that instead. I’ve worked hard to be an easy-going, flexible person and I believe, for the most part, I’ve done well.

Today was an example of me being flexible. I was hoping to leave work early and get to see my granddaughter. But instead, I learned that I wasn’t needed to pick her up from school. So, I was left to work the rest of the day like normal. I was disappointed in not getting to see my granddaughter and not getting to leave work early; but I like routine, so I adjusted and was glad to not have to cram all of my work into a few short hours.

Also today, I was invited to walk with a friend after work. By the time five o’clock rolled around, it was raining and I definitely was not wearing the right shoes for walking in the rain. Instead of walking, we met up anyway for supper. I was disappointed in not getting to walk as I really need more fitness in my life. But, I was happy to spend time with my friend. Even though eating out was probably not a good idea, especially if I’m watching my waistline.

I love that I have learned to bounce from my initial idea of how my day should or will go to a day filled with surprises. I’ve never been the most adventurous person, but I do like to take pleasure in the small things. The things that, at the end of the day, count the most.

In the end, I will get to see my granddaughter and grandson this weekend. And, I will also get to take lots of walks. If plans change, I will adjust and be happy with the turn of events. Not just because I’ve learned to be good at being flexible, but also because it beats being disappointed when things don’t work out exactly the way I first thought that they should.

And, no matter what, I do plan to be surprised. I hope you, too, will have some good surprises in your day.

The Big Tree at Goose Island – Rockport, Texas

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