September Rain

Wow, it’s not even Winter yet, and we have a cold front that actually feels like a cold front. Cool air. A nipping breeze. Rain, from drizzly to moderate. And, if not Winter, then certainly the smell of Autumn in the air. I love it, only because it is still September. Well, just barely. It’s not even my son’s birthday yet.

A good part of the time in Texas, it stays hot to sultry all the way through to my birthday in November, and sometimes even through to Thanksgiving. But this is Texas for you.

Now, knowing that this weather will not last, I am soaking it up. I am forgiving the achy joints, slippery sidewalks, and constant weather comments that stream by my office each day. In a few days, it will be back to the norm, talking about the heat, which in fact I love only because of my achy joints. And, I will tolerate sweat, brightness, and A/C to avoid the achy joints.

But I am learning fast the medicine for that is exercise. You bet! Sit around and wrap up in a blanket and your will ache for days. Just get out and walk or do yoga or dance or whatever fitness activity you enjoy, and the pain is either gone or alleviated to a level of endurance. Yay, for exercise. And, yay, for cooler temps that bring on a new mindset. One of eagerness for long walks, hot chocolate, and the holidays.

With weather like this, it just may be a cold Thanksgiving and a cold Christmas. Wouldn’t that be something? Texas, with a Christmas that feels as cold as they make it look in the movies. Or, when I was a child helping my dad get firewood, all bundled-up and wearing bread sacks over my shoes to keep the mud off. The cold biting air turning my nose red and making my ears feel like they were getting frostbite. Now, that would be something!

Happy September! And remember, this is Texas, where HOT is the norm and cool temps do not, I say, do not last forever.

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